Getting To Know The Little Veggie Patch Co

Jun 15, 2021by Gabby - F&F

“A little food, a little fun; a little soul, a little sun; a little green, a little grow… The Little Veggie Patch Co.”

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the Little Veggie Patch Co (LVPC) is a business dedicated to helping people grow food with their range of seeds, seed kits, posters and books. 

Whether you are a garden lover, looking for a new hobby or you want to eat healthier and waste less, the LVPC encourages you to make the most out of growing food regardless of your skill set and available space! If this sounds like you, keep reading.

The Little Veggie Patch Co Mission

If you think about gardening your head will often take you straight to…questions like “Will I have time to do this or do I have enough space?” The LVPC have really knuckled down on these two major concerns that surround gardening and created a solution to suit small space gardening, and, in a time savvy way. 

The LVPC are super passionate about the slow food movement and raising awareness about the origins of our produce. Their mission is to remind people to be more mindful about the foods they consume and to encourage them to grow fresh, better-tasting produce at home. The LVPC have catered for small spaced gardening styles, so now, it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or have a block of land - growing your own produce is made easier.

The Little Veggie Patch Co SeedsThe Little Veggie Patch Co Seeds

The Little Veggie Patch Co Seeds

Here at F&F we love hearing about small businesses doing well. In 2009, the LVPC started with just four varieties of vegetable seeds. Now the range has over 50 varieties and continues to grow with the demand for heirloom seeds.

LVPC are really passionate about keeping food alive! These days processed food is everywhere, so the mission of informing people of home grown taste, is super important. They want to ensure that a tomato for example tastes like a tomato. Growing fruit and veg and being able to pick it off your tree, truly encompasses that real food experience. That’s one of the reasons why LVPC sells a range of plant seeds, and they sure do deliver on taste!

The Little Veggie Patch Co Seed KitsThe Little Veggie Patch Co Seed Kits

The Little Veggie Patch Co Seed Kits

Growing your own produce is made easy with the LVPC Seed Kits. Each kit contains five seed varieties, so why settle for one? There are six gorgeous seed kits to choose from.

Balcony Seed Kit 

This seed kit contains tomato, basil, chilli, spinach and cornflower and is designed to be grown in pots in even the tightest of spaces. Your balcony is going to look super vibrant with some gorgeous plants hanging about.

Edible Flowers Seed Kit

Edible flowers are more than just a decoration, they are grown to be admired...then eaten. These flowers offer a range of subtle tastes, textures and colours to any dish or desserts.

Kids Seed KitKids Seed Kit

The Little Veggie Patch Co Seed Kits

Beginners Seed Kit

Yes, a challenge is fun, but sometimes we want to settle for a sure thing too. This beginner's seed kit comes with the support of easy to follow instructions and includes the five easiest veggies to plant. 

Kids Seed Kit

Have fun getting into gardening with your kids. These seeds are great for little people with short attention spans. They are vegetables that have a general ‘likeability’ and have fast growth habits. They are easy to germinate and are a great learning experience that encourages appreciation for nature. 

Leafy Greens Seed KitLeafy Greens Seed Kit

The Little Veggie Patch Co Seed Kits

Leafy Greens Seed Kit

Want to have veggies that grow all year round, and ones that regenerate as soon as they are picked? Grab this seed kit, which includes silverbeet, kale, rocket, lettuce and spinach.

Beneficial Bug Seed Kit

These seeds are chosen to attract the right sort of friendships for your garden. Beneficial bugs such as ladybirds are lured in by the colours and scents of these plants, to help make growing food organically, easier.

Grow Food Anywhere BookGrow Food Anywhere Book

Books, Posters & Planting Charts

The great thing about LVPC, is that their mission doesn’t end with just selling seeds. They think about what challenges people are facing and help create solutions.  

Planting Calendar: This planting calendar covers more than 70 varieties of fruit, herb and vegetables and provides a guide on what and when to plant across the four distinct climatic zones of Australia and New Zealand. Companion Planting Chart: This planting chart is an easy guide that covers more than 50 commonly homegrown varieties. It shows you which plants thrive when they are near to each other and which plants experience the oopposite effect. Grow Food Anywhere: This book is the perfect guide and contains three distinct chapters: ‘What Plants Need,’ ‘Fruit and Veg to Grow,’ ‘Pest and Disease to Know.’

If you enjoyed learning some more about Little Veggie Patch and Co, check out our Eco Hub for all things gardening and fresh produce. 

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