Get Your Post Lockdown Makeup Looks Ready!

Sep 30, 2021by Gabby - F&F

If you're like us, working from home has meant you probably haven't been using a whole lot of makeup. But with freedom day quickly emerging, we are eager to fall in love with the art and have some beautiful makeup looks ready! 

But before, you just buy any old makeup, let's think about how we can make more eco conscious choices when purchasing makeup that honours sustainable practices and ethically sourced ingredients. If covid had taught us one thing, during the time we've literally been forced to slow down — It's to  re-asses and re-evaluate what is most important to us. So let's carry on this notion and apply it to all aspects of life, as we begin to open again — including all things beauty. 

With summer on the horizon and warmer sun-filled days, this calls for beauty looks that harness a fresh, vibrant and radiant complexion. The lovely Sophie from Eye Of Horus shares some tips and must have products to get your post lockdown makeup looks ready!

Eye of Horus Triple C ConcealerEye of Horus Triple C Concealer

Minimal Luminous Skin

Minimal, luminous skin will continue to be on trend this summer. This means you can go for a natural/ subtle makeup look and still have beautiful glowing skin. 

Applying the Triple C Concealer in your ideal shade with a Concealer Brush to a hydrated, clean base is recommended to add coverage to any areas on your skin that may need it.

Another brilliant makeup product is the Liquid Highlighter in Dusk Bronze. Whilst a highlighter is known for it's popping performance it can also be used to produce a subtle skin glow. Just a couple of drops of this, mixed in with your moisturiser, produces an enhanced, dewy and bronzed glow on your face and body. To top it off, use BIO Lipstick in Artemis Nude, for natural looking lips.

Eye of Horus Sacred Earth Complexion PaletteEye of Horus Sacred Earth Complexion Palette

Multi Purposed Makeup Products

Multi purposed makeup products are stealing the thunder of single-purposed products and are on a mission to transform your beauty routine. The great thing is, you'll save on money and have a lot more bathroom space too! 

We recommend investing in a palette that has all of your bronzing, contouring, highlighting, blush and eye shadow needs for convenience. The Sacred Earth Palette is a great one to have in the makeup bag for every day wear and can be worn on the face and eyes. The Complexion Palette is a smaller option that is also great to keep in your bag to top up your bronzer and blush, to go from day to night.

If you prefer creme blush, apply the Goddess Lipstick evenly across the lips, as well as dotting it lightly to the apples of the cheek. Blend the product out with your finger and apply any excess lipstick across your eye lids for additional colour. 

Eye of Horus Eye of Horus

Eye Makeup

Whilst the road to freedom is well and truly on track, there are still some instances where we can't avoid wearing a mask. But don't worry, you can still make your eyes pop! 

To create fluffy, brushed up brows, groom and fill your brows using the Dual Brow Perfect. Beginning at the base of your brows, use the pencil to fill in any gaps and add shape to the brow in strokes that mimic the hair’s natural growth. Then, use a brow gel wand to comb over the hairs and set them in place.

Tightlining is an optimal way to naturally deepen the lash line, without the product settling into any fine lines around the eyes. Using the Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown, tightline the upper lash line and blend underneath the bottom lash line focusing on the outer corners. For a more natural look this summer, try a Brown Mascara. But first, use the Goddess Lash Curler, to enhance the curl of your natural lashes.

We absolutely love Eye Of Horus for their high performing, long-wearing and low sensitising award-winning products that are also kind to our Mother Earth. You can shop their range here. We hope you enjoyed these amazing makeup tips and are ready to start going out and about again.

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