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Sep 30, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Like how all good things come to be, Baxter Blue began with a problem. 

It took the founders of Baxter Blue to experience symptoms like headaches, sore eyes, an endless feeling of fatigue and poor, disrupted sleep to get to the source of the problem. The conclusion? Digital eye strain and to their surprise, blue light. 

Now more than ever we seem to always have our eyes on a screen, whether its for work, our laptops, phones or the television. All this exposure can put a toll on our eyes. 

And so, this is how Baxter Blue was born. They have created a fashionable range of eyewear that helps alleviate digital eye-strain and blue light exposure.

Baxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Frankie - Crystal ToffeeBaxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Frankie - Crystal Toffee

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

The two main culprits of digital eye strain is our digital devices emiting blue light and screen glare.

It doesn't take a genious to know that our world is becoming 'smarter.' Even our books, newspapers and magazines are going digital. So our exposure to digital light has been greater than ever, having an affect to our eyes and sleep.

The symptoms of digital eye strain could be red, dry, or itchy eyes, headaches, blurry vision and eye fatigue. So what can be done if you're experiencing these symptoms? Don't  put up with it. This is why Baxter Blue exists! Their glasses filter out nearly 80% of the high energy blue light and are designed to reduce glare completely. They are proven to significantly relieve digital eye strain symptoms, all whilst looking in style too!

Baxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Billie - Gloss BlackBaxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Billie - Gloss Black

What Is Blue Light?

By now you might be wondering, what even is blue light? Blue light is emitted from almost every light-generating source, the largest being the sun.

So why is it bad? Well the truth is, it's not! In it's natural form it helps energise you, boosts attention, lifts your mood and aids your natural production of melatonin. It's because of us technologically advanced and ambitious creatures that blue light has become a problem. We have invented lighting that burns all hours, illumination that we don’t click off until bedtime, and now, an array of digital devices endlessly emitting light. It virtually exists all around us.

As a result, we have a harder time falling asleep and our minds are kept up at night, putting our sleeping pattern out of whack.

Baxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Frankie - Maple TortoiseBaxter Blue Biodegradable Blue Light Glasses Frankie - Maple Tortoise

Baxter Blue Blue Light Glasses

In Australia, 74% of people have a job that requires them to work on a computer and 73% under the age of 30 have said they have experienced some form of digital eye strain.

Baxter Blue's Blue Light Glasses aims to restore vision right out of the gate! Their glasses feature Blue+™ light filtering lenses with anti-reflective coating, UV protection and super-hydrophobic coating to minimise smudges. They are high quality, long-lasting, backed by science and their lens technology is tried, tested and proven. So, not only have they created a solution, but their sustainable packaging and bidodegradable frames are helping the environment too.

If you're experiencing some digital eye strain symptoms, feel the difference with Baxter Blue's, blue light glasses.

We're super excited to follow Baxter Blue's journey as they continue to innovate with design materials, expand their lines, broaden their styles and have their ambitions grow!

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