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Aug 28, 2017by Julie - F&F

Our planet is stressed and struggling to keep up with the amount of pollutants and waste we throw at it. Temperatures are rising, coral reefs are getting bleached and more and more animals are becoming extinct. So how can compostables help?

We stock a range of reusable products but now also have a compostable range with Preserve compostable plates and bowls and Biobag compostable bags.


What Does Compostable Mean

In order for a product to be termed “compostable” it needs to break down into soil and leave nothing behind. This could be via your own garden compost or it could be via a commercial facility. The products also cannot contain ingredients that can negatively impact the soil. In fact most garden composting is done to enrich the soil. 


Why do we need Compostables?

We are huge advocates of reusing straws, bowls, cups etc but sometimes it doesn’t suit everyone’s situation so we have to provide better alternatives. You might be having an outdoor party, picnic or birthday where you are going to use throw away dishes. Instead of using plastic you can now use these straws, plates, cups and bowls from Preserve. They are made from plants so when you are finished with them they leave nothing behind in the soil. The straws, plates and bowls can all be composted in your garden in a well composted environment. The cups are tougher and need to be composted in a commercial facility. Your council will be able to help you with where the nearest one is.

If you don’t compost here is a great site to find someone local who might want to take your scraps.

Some products are more tricky to be reusable like garbage bags and dog poop bags. Biobags has a great line of plant based bags that are compostable in your garden and really do help with everyday chores.


Garden versus Commercial Composting

Garden compost bins are usually small so simply cannot get as hot as a commercial facility, and the heat generated through the breakdown of organic material is a large part of what allows compostable products to degrade.  Some products need more heat; the liners in the Preserve cups that make them functional will break down but only commercially.


How Do I Dispose of the Packaging that the Compostables Came In?

Biobags either came with no packaging or paper packaging so that is recycled via your council. Preserve Products are shrink wrapped in a recylable plastic film. This keeps the plates together, ensures hygiene standards and has the lightest frootprint to get the job done. You can recycle this wrap at your loca Coles or Woolies or send back to us with your other recycling from F&F and we'll make sure it's recycled. Read about Our Recycling Initiative

You can Shop all our Compostable Products at Flora & Fauna. 

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