Which Axilla is Right for You?

Aug 27, 2017by Julie - F&F

Black Chicken Remedies have released their new Axilla Deodorant and it's a winner. It matches the original in terms of power but is designed for sensitive skin. So let's see what's different and which one is right for you.

Axilla Sensitive at Flora & Fauna

Axilla Barrier Booster is designed for those of you with sensitive skin and it not only works as a great deodorant but it also helps strengthen your skin with its powerful ingredients.

Axilla Barrier Booster has ingredients rich in lipids and fatty acids so they help to calm, soothe, nourish and strengthen the skin. Black Chicken Remedies have actively chosen ingredients that help do that like Borage Oil and Candelilla Wax. Borage Oil is excellent for inflammation and Candelilla Wax creates a protective barrier for the skin. Together they are a powerful duo.

In this deodorant Black Chicken Remedies have also removed Bicarbonate Soda. Bicarb Soda is an amazing odour neutraliser and detoxer and great for natural deodorant. However if you have sensitive skin it might not agree with you and you could form a rash or get irritated armpits, particularly if you already have irritated skin. So they have replaced BiCarb Soda with Magnesium Hydroxide and Diatomaceous Earth.

Magnesium Hydroxide is an antibacterial that calms, improves cellular processes and is very effective at detoxifying the skin and treating sensitive skin areas.

Diatomaceous Earth is pH neutral and great at absorbing toxins. 

Before releasing this deodorant the team conducted trials and the results were excellent.

Now if you use the Original Axilla and love it don’t change a thing and keep using it but if you are a little sensitive you might consider swapping across to the Axilla Barrier Booster.  Both are available in minis and you can shop the whole Black Chicken Remedies range at Flora & Fauna. 


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