Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas For Easter

Mar 18, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Here at F&F, we love Easter — including the Easter egg hunts, delicious Chocolate, and time with family! We also love to try out some different crafts every year using stuff from around the house. In this blog, we’ve put together some fantastic eco-friendly craft ideas to do with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or kids in your community.

‘Chicken Little’ Glass Jars

It's time to grab a few of your old glass jars — because they can be repurposed into these gorgeous, minimalistic ‘Chicken Little’ vases! To make these Easter-inspired vases, you’ll need some clean, empty jars, some white, yellow, and black enamel or craft paint, some orange or yellow paper/felt, and glue.

  1. Take your clean, empty jar and apply two coats of enamel paint, and let dry.
  2. Trace, cut out and glue on beak and feet shapes from your orange or yellow paper/felt.
  3. Apply a small dot of black paint for the eyes!

Lastly, pop some beautiful fresh or dried flowers in your vases! Or, use some of our brown Flora & Fauna packing paper to create a little ‘nest’ at the bottom of the jars. Then, pop in a few small Easter eggs and hide them for the Easter egg hunt.

Easter Paper Nest Craft BasketEaster Paper Nest Craft Basket

Image: Kay / White Gunpowder

Paper Bag Easter Egg Basket

Got some spare brown paper lunch bags lying around? This super-duper quick craft can be used as a little centrepiece or as an Easter egg basket for kids. First, we recommended painting or decorating the boring brown paper lunch bag with bunnies, chickens, colourful eggs, flowers — anything, really! 

Then, run the flattened bag halfway through through a paper shredder (reverse to remove), or cut the top of the bag into long strips if you don't have a shredder. Use the edge of a pair of scissors to curl the frayed edges of the paper bag. Tape or glue an arched strip of paper on the inside to create a sturdy basket. We recommend filling the basket with F&F’s brown packing paper (it’s a nifty little resource!) to create a nest. Then, fill with Easter eggs!

Easter Egg Mason JarsEaster Egg Mason Jars

Image: Mason Jar Crafts

Easter Egg Inspired Mason Jars

These adorable mason jars look just like beautiful, pastel-coloured Easter eggs! The great part is that the colours and patterns are completely customisable, so you can go as bright and bold as you want, or keep it looking simple. 

For this craft activity, you’ll need mason jars,  acrylic paints, paint brushes, tape, and sandpaper (optional). Start with two coats of your base colour on a clean, dry mason jar. Leave to dry between coats. Apply your tape in the patterns that you want — it could be stripes or zig zags, or polka dots if you use a circular foam brush. 

Then, apply your contrasting paint colours! Pull off the tape and distress the raised areas with sandpaper (optional). Finish with small coloured dots! Pop in some F&F packing paper to create a ‘nest’ for your Easter eggs.

Easter CraftEaster Craft

Image: Katie/ Made To Be A Mumma

Easter Bunny Paper Bags

If you have recently done a click and collect order with us at F&F, go find that brown paper bag and get ready to create some Easter art!

If you have any brown paper packaging (you receive this in our F&F orders), shred the paper up, paint it green and fill the brown bag to create a grass look!

Decorate the front of your bag, we love the look of this super cute bunny. Very much on theme with easter! You can then use your bag instead of a basket this year for an Easter egg hunt. Such a fun activity for the kids, they'll be excited to show it off and fill it up on Easter day.

Vegan Carrot Cake CupcakesVegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Image: Aimee / Wallflower Kitchen

Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes

If your artistic flair reveals itself in the kitchen, then you’ll love these Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes. This delicious recipe contains fluffy, spiced carrot cake muffins, coconut “cream cheese” frosting, and DIY marzipan “carrots”! This recipe yields 20 show-stopping vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly cupcakes, with only 20 minutes of prep. 

We think this recipe would be fun to try out with kids in the kitchen! There’s a lot of measuring and mixing, and we’re sure the kids will have fun shaping the marzipan carrots. They might not look perfect at the end, but it’s a fun activity to do with family members over Easter!   

For Aimee’s ingredient list and method, head over to the Wallflower Kitchen.

Chow Cacao Chocolate Easter EggsChow Cacao Chocolate Easter Eggs

F&F’s Vegan Easter Treats, Chocolate & Gifts!

Looking forward to a vegan Easter? Here at Flora & Fauna, we have a huge range of Vegan Easter Treats that will cater to everyone’s dietary requirements. Thanks to brands like Pana, Treat Dreams, Loco Love, Loving Earth and So Free.

We have a few varieties of Easter eggs that you need to try out. Our new Chow Cacao Caramel Chocolate Easter Eggs are rich and indulgent with a smooth, caramel filling. We also have them in Peanut Butter and Mylk flavours. Another favourite is the Boobok Chocolate Caramel Eggs!

For some kid-friendly vegan goodies, we have the Bonvita Organic Milky Chocolate Eggs With Sprinkles, the So Free Organic Chocolate Bunny, the Treat Dreams Strawberry Chocolate Bear 2 Pack, and more. Fun and delicious!

Will you try these fun, simple and cost-effective Easter crafts? There’s no need to go out and buy a bunch of plastic decorations that will inevitably be thrown in the bin. Get creative with things that you have lying around the house, reuse your F&F box and paper or get messy in the kitchen! 

Whatever you decide to do over Easter, make sure to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones — and eat your body weight in vegan chocolate, of course!

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If you enjoy arts and crafts, make sure to enter our Easter Arts & Crafts Competition.

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