Easter Gift Ideas That Aren't Chocolate

Apr 01, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Did we seriously just say easter ideas that aren't chocolate? Whilst chocolate is one of our fave things to eat, we can definitely appreciate that there are many other great Easter goodies that go down a treat, or simply help bring out the Easter spirit!

If you're not a fan of chocolate, are wanting to gift someone something a bit different this year, want variety in your Easter baskets, or simply want to be more festive, take a look at our non-chocolate easter gift ideas!

Dandies Vegan MarshmallowsDandies Vegan Marshmallows

Easter Treats

We're not sure about you, but as kids, we would always have a pack of marshmallows in our Easter basket. Here at F&F we stock Dandies Marshmallows and Freedom Mallows. Whilst they taste delicious on their own, they are also fantastic in classic crispy treats, rocky road and roasting over the fire. If you're going away camping for the easter weekend, don't forget to grab yourself a packet! If you have a sweet tooth you can't go past our Vegan Lollies.

Now we know we said no chocolate, but our Drinking Chocolate's don't count right? They can be enjoyed hot or cold. We even have a Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla Tea too.

P.s if you have a little one, who needs some motivation to brush their teeth after all their Easter sweets — we recommend Jack N' Jill, Toothbrush Bunny.  

Eco Crayons Easter BunnyEco Crayons Easter Bunny

Easter Themed Fun

What's easter without some arts and crafts? If you're like us and enjoy colouring in, you have to try Eco Crayons, Easter Bunny Crayons and Easter Egg Crayons. They are super cute and eastery, not to mention, 100% plant-based and toxin free. So if your little one happens to put these crayons in their mouth, they will be perfectly safe. 

Another great gift, no matter what your age (in our opinion), is a toy bunny. Pebble Ethical Toys has 8 very cute and colourful bunny toys to choose from, and what's a bunny without it's Carrot? Pebble has that sorted too.

When it's time to clean up the dishes on Easter day, we think you might have more fun doing so with Retro Kitchen, Biodegradable Rabbit Dish Cloth

Hanami Natural Nail PolishHanami Natural Nail Polish

Easter Nail Art

We love matching our nails to certain themes throughout the year, and Easter is one of our faves! If you're like us, make sure to pick up some Nail Polish for yourself, or consider gifting it to a friend or family member. They make gorgeous little presents. 

So what colour represents Easter the best? Bright or pastel colours. It's the perfect excuse to paint every single finger a different colour. So fun! 

If you like getting creative, you can grab a toothpick and dab some dots over the top of each nail colour to create a speckled egg look, as seen in the image by Hanami

Our Rainbow Hair Ties are also quite festive for Easter too!

Mojo Reclaimed Beer Bottle Candle - Hot Cross BunMojo Reclaimed Beer Bottle Candle - Hot Cross Bun

Hot Cross Bun Candle

If you love hot cross buns, you will absolutely love this limited edition Hot Cross Bun Candle by Mojo Candle Co

This delicious easter themed fragrance has top notes of maple syrup and butter, middle notes of caramel, cinnamon, dried fruit and nutmeg and base notes of vanilla and tonka bean. We can literally smell it just thinking about it!

Light your candle and entice your guests with this gorgeous scent, as they walk into your home. Trust us when we say it smells good enough to eat. In fact, you might actually need some hot cross buns on standby so your guests aren't tempted to take a bite from your non-edible candle. 

As always we love that Mojo's Candles are hand-poured into a reclaimed beer bottle — upcycling at its finest!

Easter doesn't always need to be about chocolate. We hope you enjoyed seeing all the vegan and cruelty free options we have that are great alternatives to a chocolate Easter.

Of course, if it's chocolate you are after, make sure to check out our Easter Category for some more delightful treats!

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