Vegan Birkenstock Sandals Are Now Available At Flora & Fauna!

Apr 08, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Vegan Birkenstock Sandals have landed at Flora & Fauna! One of the world’s most iconic footwear brands has developed a range of high-quality, long-lasting sandals made from synthetic leather.

Birkenstock Vegan SandalsBirkenstock Vegan Sandals

The Iconic Birkenstock Sandals — Without The Cruelty!

We can all agree that Birkenstock sandals are instantly recognisable! Birkenstock is an iconic German footwear brand that traces its history back to 1774, where Johann Adam Birkenstock was a shoemaker in Hesse, Germany. The iconic sandals feature two wide leather straps, two metal buckles, and a durable cork footbed. 

Until fairly recently, vegan Birkenstock sandals weren’t available outside of European markets. But now, right here at Flora & Fauna, we’re so excited to bring you Birkenstock’s range of vegan sandals. We currently have three different sandal types — ‘Sydney’, ‘Gizeh’ and ‘Mayari’ — available in six different designs! We have timeless colours like black and khaki, as well as some beautiful floral designs.

Birkenstock SandalsBirkenstock Sandals

Why Should We Choose Vegan Footwear? 

As more of us turn to veganism, it can be tricky to find high-quality vegan footwear. When we say ‘vegan footwear’, we mean footwear that doesn’t contain leather, fur, wool — or any other animal by-product. Leather is a fairly common material in the footwear industry, but it’s far from glamorous. 

By 2025, the number of cows slaughtered annually to satisfy the demand for leather is expected to reach 430 million. Sometimes, this ‘high-end’ commodity can be made from the skin of dogs and cats. It’s not just the animal cruelty — the leather tanning process has been linked with several cancers found in tannery workers, as well as toxic run-off.

Nowadays, we have so many alternatives — like synthetic leather and faux fur — that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

Birkenstock Vegan SandalBirkenstock Vegan Sandal

What Are Vegan Birkenstock Sandals Made From?

The popularity of vegan footwear is on the rise! In fact, 95% of British shoppers want more vegan-verified fashion options, and 74% would be willing to pay more for plant-based leathers! Plus, the vegan footwear market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 7.2%, year on year until 2030. 

This is precisely why brands like Birkenstock are offering new cruelty-free footwear options alongside their iconic leather options! You’ll be happy to know that Birkenstock’s vegan sandals offer the same quality and longevity too. 

Their vegan sandals are made with Birko-Flor synthetic leather and microfibre lining, and feature the classic Birkenstock cork footbed. Birko-Flor is the Birkenstock trademarked synthetic leather. It’s skin-friendly and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Flora & Fauna Vegan BirkenstocksFlora & Fauna Vegan Birkenstocks

Which Vegan Birkenstock Sandals Will You Choose?

We’re obsessed with Birkenstock’s new vegan sandals! The ‘Sydney’ closely resembles the iconic ‘Arizona’ Birkenstock sandal. The straps are slightly thinner, so they don’t look as bulky! We love that the straps can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. We have the Magical Flower design.

The ‘Gizeh’ is a classic thong sandal. This stylish all-rounder is versatile, comfortable, and a great alternative to the open-toed ‘Sydney’ sandal — especially if you prefer something that’s non-slip. Shop in Black, Magical Flower, Khaki & Light Rose.

The ‘Mayari’ features a cross-strap and toe-loop for comfort and style, which can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. Great for if you’re a bit more active on a day-to-day basis. 

We’re thrilled to bring you Birkenstock’s range of vegan sandals! We love that these durable, stylish sandals are available to those of us who don’t want to wear animal by-products. By purchasing vegan Birkenstock sandals, you’re helping to revolutionise the footwear industry and hopefully put an end to the cruel leather industry.

Shop all Vegan Birkenstock Sandals at Flora & Fauna.

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