Celebrate Harmony Day

Mar 21, 2019by Jacqui - F&F

The 21st of March is Harmony Day; a wonderful time to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion. Harmony Day is based on the continuing message of '˜Everyone Belongs', and encourages community spirit, respect, and a sense of belonging in our society.

We’re a values based business here at F&F, and one of our values that we stand by is to Be Kind. We strongly believe in treating people with respect and in a way you would like to be treated. Our values are ingrained in everything we do at F&F, from the way we communicate with our suppliers, the care and customer service we provide to our customers, right down to the way we pick, pack and ship our orders. 



There’s no denying that we have an incredible team and we love learning about all of their cultures and backgrounds. We have many team members here at F&F with different cultures from all around the world including Australia, India, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, New Zealand, England, Germany, Mauritius & The Netherlands… just to name a few

On Harmony Day we’re celebrating the cultural diversity and inclusion amongst the team with a morning tea. Each team member is excited to bring in a plate of food from their background for the team to enjoy. Look out for some piccies on our Instagram stories!

You can read more about Harmony Day here and our values online.


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