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Mar 24, 2019by Jacqui - F&F

Biologi is the first 100% active organic plant serum in the world. Biologi serums work to deliver the highest concentration of active botanical ingredients to your skin. They are free of nasties and work to add luminosity and radiance to your skin.

Biologi consists of 3 different serums which can be used on your face and body. These serums are multi-taskers so all can be used on your face and they are useful for different skin types. They each contain 3 different main ingredients; Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime. Read on as we explain each serum and some common questions you may have when using Biologi. 


Bd – Luminosity Face Serum

The Bd Luminosity Face Serum is high in antioxidants, resulting in your skin looking refreshed, radiant & luminous. The main ingredient in the Luminosity Face Serum is the Davidson Plum; a nutrient dense ingredient that works wonders for your skin. It’s a great, all-round face serum and works to nourish your skin cells from the inside out. It also works to create an even skin tone, improve skin hydration, reduce blemishes and strengthen skin cells, just to name a few.

ApplicationApply 1-2 pumps of Bd Serum over the entire face and neck area. For the first week, apply every second day and increase to daily application in week two.


Bk – Rejuvenation Eye Serum

The Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and redness, as it contains high levels of vitamin C and Kakakdu Plum. This serum can also be used on the entire face for those concerned with fine lines. It also works extremely well to reduce skin blemishes, improve skin hydration and provide antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals. 

Application: After you have cleansed your face, dab ½ a pump around the eye area. If you are using as a full-face serum, apply one pump to the entire face and neck area. For the first week, apply every second night, for the second week, apply every night. After the first two weeks, apply daily both morning and night. 


Bf – Hydration Body Serum

The Bf Hydration Body Serum is a lovely serum to hydrate, soothe and repair your skin. It contains a unique blend of fruit acids, vitamin C and finger lime that work together to leave your skin feeling smooth. This serum can also be used on the face to nourish dry, sensitive and irritated skin. You can use the Hydration Body Serum for full body hydration or as a full face serum to reduce damage caused by long-term sun exposure and cellulite. 

Application: After showering, apply 1 pump to each area of the body. You can use the serum every second day. 


Which Serum is Right For Me?

All the Biologi serums are multi-tasking so can be used on the face and body. The Bd Face Serum is a great all round serum but if you have sensitive, irritated or red skin you might choose one of the others to use as a face serum.

Bd Face Serum - All round face serum. Ideal for mature, damaged, problematic skin and skin prone to breakouts.

Bf Body Serum - All round body serum but can be used on the face if you have sensitive skin. Ideal for sensitive, dry and irritated skin and have shown to help soothe eczema.

Bk Eye Serum - All round eye serum and can be used on the face. Ideal for pigmented skin and skin with redness or rosacea.



I have sensitive skin. Can I use Biologi? 

Yes, Biologi is perfect for sensitive skin as it contains no nasties that are known to react with your skin. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest using the Bf Body Serum twice daily to begin with. You can switch to the Bd Luminosity Face Serum after the full Bf bottle has been completed. 

When do I apply the serums?

Apply the serums after you have showered and cleansed your face. You can also apply throughout the day for a boost of hydration. 

Can I apply makeup over the top of Biologi?

Yes, you can. 

Do I need to apply a moisturiser?

No, there is no need for a moisturiser in your skin care routine when using Biologi. 

What cleanser should I use?

When using Biologi you can use any cleanser, exfoliant and sunscreen that suits your specific skin type. 

Will it cause my skin to break out?

During the first few weeks of using Biologi, you may experience a skin purge. This may cause your skin to become more oily than usual and break out more than you normally would. This happens as your skin is adjusting to the 100% active ingredients in Biologi. 

If you do experience a skin purge, please persevere through this as it is only temporary. 

What can I expect within the first few weeks of using Biologi?

You may experience the serums feeling sticky or tacky, but this is just the serum working to repair the damage in your skin layers. This stickiness will disappear within a few weeks as the serums begin to penetrate deeper into the skin. 


Here at F&F, we stock the full size products individually and also a smaller travel size (a perfect size for trying it out!). You can shop the Biologi range online now here


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