Australia's Threatened Species Bake Off!

Oct 22, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Are you an avid baker and animal lover? Well, you'll love seeing all the delicious cake creations from this years Threatened Species Bake Off — as it aims to build awareness about Australia’s threatened species!

Lamington CakeLamington Cake

What Is The Threatened Species Bake Off?

2021 marks the 5th annual Threatened Species Bake Off! To commemorate Threatened Species Day on September 7th, Australia's were called on to bake a dessert in the shape of a threatened species. 

"The idea is that Australians will choose a threatened species that interests them and then bake something that represents that species, it might be some koala cupcakes or a cake with another kind of creature on it, or a plant,” says Dr Kerry Cameron.

The possibilities are endless, considering that there are over 1,800 nationally listed threatened species in Australia! So, you could whip up a batch of cookies, cupcakes, macarons, muffins or brownies and decorate them — or, get creative with a cake and colourful frosting.

Bilby CakeBilby Cake

The Theme For 2021 Was ‘Ecosystem Engineers’

This year, the theme for the bake off was ‘ecosystem engineers’, which refers to any animal that modifies, maintains, improves, or creates habitat. So, for example, animals that dig and turn over the soil (thereby improving soil health) — like the Kangaroo Island Echidna, Greater Bilby, and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

"So, this year we are keen for people to think about species that contribute to how the ecosystem functions as they exist. It might be a bilby or something that digs holes and aerates the soil, or a flying fox that spreads seeds around or another kind of animal that creates habitat, a plant might create habitat for birds or possums, things like that, so it's pretty broad,”  says Dr Cameron. Ecosystem engineers can also include birds, plants, reptiles, fish, mammals and invertebrates. 


2021 Threatened Species Bake Off Winners

The 2021 Threatened Species Bake Off included 6 different categories: Early Learner’s Award (4 and under), Children’s Award (5-15), Open (15+), Schools Award (open to all Aussie schools), Organisation Award (open to all organisations and community groups), and People’s Choice (decided by the public on Facebook!). Schools, organisations and community groups were encouraged to send a 100-word description of why their threatened species is important to their group.

Submissions were judged by author and baker, Katherine Sabbath, water scientist, Brad Moggridge, ecologist and baker, Dr Bec West, and acting Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr Fiona Fraser.

The winning baked creations included: Long-footed Potoroo, Plains Death Adder, Greater Glider, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Purple Wattle and the Macquarie Perch. 

With many Australians finding themselves spending time closer to home, the bake off provided the perfect opportunity for entrants to do something creative with their additional downtime, all whilst helping to promote awareness and celebrate community efforts to protect and recover beloved plants and wildlife. With that being said, this year saw the largest ever number of submissions. How amazing! You can check out all the photo entries here.

If this read has made you want to get your creative juices flowing and ready for next years bake off, head to our Recipes category and check out the delectable recipes below.

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