This Low Waste, Farm-To-Vase Service Delivers Fresher Flowers!

Oct 22, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Giving and receiving flowers is one of life’s greatest joys — but did you know that 1 in 3 flowers die before they’re ever sold? Alec Ramsey and Stefan Muff’s Sydney-based business, Floraly, is shaking up the floristry industry by offering a low waste, farm-to-vase flower delivery service.

Floraly Flower ArrangementsFloraly Flower Arrangements

Floraly’s Mission To Reduce Flower Waste

Have you ever received a beautiful bunch of flowers, only to have them looking droopy the next day? This is because florists tend to hold a lot of stock at all times, and once flowers begin looking a little bit droopy — they go straight in the bin. 

Knowing that 1 in 3 flowers (around 40 million) die before they’re ever sold, Alec Ramsey and Stefan Muff decided to create a nationwide farm-to-vase flower delivery service! 

“Big flower companies force your local shop to stock flowers in advance, waiting to be ordered. By the time they reach you, your flowers could be well over a week old and nearing the end of their vase life. We were determined to find a better way!” said the team at Floraly. With Floraly, your flowers are sourced and cut after you’ve made a purchase — so there’s zero opportunity for wastage.

Floraly Flower DeliveryFloraly Flower Delivery

Handpicked & Delivered Straight To Your Door!

Floraly is not your typical, commercial florist. Floraly has a completely unique supply chain that reduces waste and makes it simpler for you to send or receive flowers. They also deliver carefully curated flower arrangements straight to your door! 

“To bring you the freshest and most beautiful bouquets, we had to design a completely new supply chain from the ground up,” Floraly says. Floraly has partnered with flower growers all over Australia —  “from Victorian tulips to Queensland sunflowers, and Banksia’s from WA. Not only does buying local support our farmers, but it also means fresher flowers that last far longer than imported ones”.

Your flowers will be delivered in a beautiful, bespoke gift box — or hand-tied with an elegant glass vase. It’s your choice! You can also choose from three arrangement sizes.

Floraly BroadsheetFloraly Broadsheet

Floraly Is Partnered With OzHarvest & ClimateCare

Floraly is more than just flowers — that’s why they’ve partnered with OzHarvest and ClimateCare to help and the planet! “We’ve partnered with OzHarvest so that every bunch of flowers sold buys a meal for somebody in need, and we have also partnered with ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions generated from our operations. Because after all, we’ve only got one planet so let’s keep it blooming beautiful,” says Floraly. 

They’re also actively working to reduce waste in their packaging. So far, they’ve reduced their flower waste to under 3% (pretty impressive!). Plus, they avoid using floral foams and plastic cellophane in their arrangements — which is fantastic, considering most conventional flower arrangements come with a tonne of unnecessary plastic! A low waste flower delivery service that’s community-oriented and environmentally friendly? That’s the Floraly difference!

Floraly Native FlowersFloraly Native Flowers

Floraly’s Stunning Flower Arrangements

Floraly’s flowers are modern and sophisticated, and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect arrangement for yourself or a loved one. 

“When we started looking around, it felt like everyone was offering the same garish, brightly coloured bunches that lack soul and creativity. At Floraly, we pride ourselves in creating unique, seasonal arrangements, designed to inspire and bring joy to everyone who receives them,” says Floraly. 

Each arrangement is carefully designed and given a beautiful name. Our favourite is The Morgan, which celebrates the boldness of our wonderful Australian landscape with native, drought-resistant blooms! There are also single-flower arrangements — like orange tulips, sunflowers, white oriental lilies, deluxe purple alstroemeria, and of course — a variety of beautiful roses.

Businesses like Floraly are shaking up their industries to become more community-orientated and environmentally friendly! Plus, who knew that the flower industry created so much unnecessary waste? 

If you’re looking for a low-waste, planet-friendly flower delivery service — Floraly has you covered. Thankfully, they deliver their beautiful arrangements nationwide, so why not send some fresh flowers to a loved one.

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