Aussie Ark Is On A Mission To Create Long-Term Futures For Threatened Wildlife!

Dec 09, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

Aussie Ark is an environmental organisation and not-for-profit that has a vision of creating a long-term future for our threatened Australian species, by securing wild sanctuaries to conserve native wildlife, free from unnatural predation! Keep reading to learn more about them and their positive impact on the planet.

Aussie Ark WombatAussie Ark Wombat

Image: Aussie Ark

Protecting Threatened Species & Creating Healthy Ecosystems 

Aussie Ark was established in 2011 as ‘Devil Ark’, with a focus on saving the iconic Tasmanian devil from extinction. But since then and due to overwhelming success, the role of the organisation has expanded, and now has a vision of creating a long-term future for threatened Australian species. Aussie Ark has successfully rewilded 160 animals, bred 1,059 animals, planted 26,000 trees, and protected 3,500 hectares of land — wow! What an incredible effort.

Aussie Ark is located high above the beautiful heritage-listed Barrington Tops of NSW. The vision of Aussie Ark is to establish a robust insurance population of Australian threatened, native mammal species such as the Tasmanian devil, Eastern quoll, and Long-nosed potoroo, suitable for semi-wild release into large, predator-proof fenced sanctuaries in the Barrington Tops, for eventual reintroduction to the wild.

Aussie Ark WallabyAussie Ark Wallaby

Image: Canva

Why Aussie Ark Is Needed 

New pressures from invasive species have caused a major impact on Australia's soil and waterways and on its native flora and fauna. Sadly, Australia now has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world, most surviving animals and plants are listed as threatened or endangered! The main factors leading to this are predation from feral cats and foxes, and environmental degradation from rabbits, hares, and other introduced grazing species.

Aussie Ark is committed to achieving positive results for some of Australia’s most imperiled mammal species. They work to restore a healthy ecosystem within Barrington Tops through rewilding and the removal of feral pests and invasive weeds, coupled with the return of mammal species once living in the region.

Aussie Ark TurtleAussie Ark Turtle

Image: Canva

How You Can Get Involved!

Together, we are a powerful force! Aussie Ark relies on the generosity and involvement of the community to make a difference. They offer a variety of ways to contribute so you can create a future for our beautiful wildlife. Some of the projects and ways you can donate include; bush rewilding, turtle rewilding, tree planting, wildlife flood appeal, adoption, school fundraisers, and bequests.

Their turtle rewilding project has been especially outstanding. On the 20th of October 2022, Aussie Ark returned 10 endangered Manning River turtles back to the wild. The release is the first of its kind for the program and is hugely significant as these particular turtles were rescued from the nest during the bushfire disaster of 2020, whilst still in the egg!

We love what Aussie Ark is doing — it’s fantastic to see that they’re working in a variety of areas to restore Australian biodiversity and that their efforts are proving to be effective!

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