1800 Tequila Proves The Creative Potential Of Waste With Their ‘Recycled Bar’ In Sydney!

Dec 13, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

1800 Tequila has launched The Recycled Bar by 1800 Tequila – a bar made entirely from materials saved from landfill! Let’s check it out.

Inside Recycled BarInside Recycled Bar

Image: Campaign Brief

Enjoy Fresh Cocktails At This Zero-Waste Pop-Up Bar In Sydney!

The Recycled Bar by 1800 Tequila is a temporary zero waste infrastructure designed by Sydney-based artist and sculptor James Dive, with every bit of the triangular-shaped bar made out of repurposed waste products that would have otherwise been thrown into landfill!

Located in the Royal Botanical Gardens, this bar is super groovy with a mix of bright colours and shapes — a fun way to relax and enjoy a drink, the sustainable way.

The creamy-coloured space is made out of timber from the Mad Max movie set, while the ceiling is freckled with repurposed plastic bottles. All the products, including the tables, stools, coasters, candles, bowls and glassware, are made by 20 Aussie small businesses that are finding innovative ways to keep trash out of the ground.

Repurposed WasteRepurposed Waste

Image: Campaign Brief

The Endless Potential Of Creatively Up-Cycling 

Did you know that Australia produces around 76 million tonnes of waste every year, and around 27% of this waste goes to landfill? That is just mental! To highlight Australia’s growing waste crisis, Sydney artist James Dive designed the bar to bring attention to the issue, and to also demonstrate the potential of creatively up-cycling!

“The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila, is the perfect example of how creativity can be part of solving this problem. Following the success of our Agave Project, which saw upcycled agave fibres used to create products like surfboards, we wanted to encourage Australia to think about their waste in a different way – from furniture to household items to the cocktails we drink.” — 1800 Tequila.

Recycled Bar BenchRecycled Bar Bench

Image: Campaign Brief

How Can You Contribute To A Cleaner Country? 

1800 Tequila had the vision to create a space that showcases the very best of the circular waste economy by celebrating Australian artists and designers who are innovating in this field. How awesome is that? 1800 Tequila also partnered with Clean Up Australia to bring the bar to life. Clean Up Australia nurtures a circular economy and educates and inspires Australians to do their part and make a difference to improve the environment.

Here are a couple of super easy tips on how you can get started on contributing to a cleaner country!

  • Always use a keep-cup
  • Drink from a reusable water bottle
  • Buy more second-hand clothes
  • Donate old clothes instead of throwing away
  • Compost your scraps
  • Shop in bulk to reduce packaging and plastics — you save money too!
  • Search for household cleaning and beauty items that are made from natural materials like bamboo
  • Try a shampoo bar
  • Have a go at repairing broken or damaged items instead of throwing away

We are absolutely blown away by this chic upcycled bar, and hope to see many more of these pop up around Australia! What are your thoughts on the 1800 Tequila Recycled Bar? Please share with us what you think in the comments below!

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