Five Tips for Beautiful Hands

Author: F&F   Date Posted:1 July 2016 

Our hands suffer..... a lot. We use them constantly; we type with them, wash with them, greet people with them, eat with them, cut our cuticles, bite our nails and the list goes on...

But they are one of our body parts we often don't think about enough. We'll look at other people's hand but never our own and they are the window to your soul.

So it's time for a change! 

Here are our five simple tips to care for your hands so they are soft, nourished and reflect the calm, composed inner you (fake it till you make it):


1) Use gloves: Protect your hands like you do the rest of your body. So whether that is washing the dishes or in bed wear gloves and protect those digits. We have some lovely beauty gloves that you can combine with a hand cream and wear overnight. Find our beauty gloves here


2) Exfoliate: Your skin on your hands, like everywhere else on your body, has dead skin on the surface which needs to be exfoliated away. Use your body scrub and give your hands a treat. 


3) Nourish with an oil: Your skin gets stripped of oils due to the products we use everyday that we don't think about; that soap in the office bathroom, dishwashing liquid, the weather etc. So we need to nourish our hands and an oil is good for this. One of our favourites is Argan Oil and Eco. Modern Essentials has a lovely, affordable, Argan Oil. Coconut Oil is wonderful for dry skin so we recommend this wholeheartedly. At the same time give yourself a five minute hand massage and relax! All our oils are here


4) Protect with a hand cream: You need to protect your hands with a cream and re-apply this regularly so keep one in your bag or on your desk. This is really important and get yourself into a routine. There are some beautiful hand creams from Weleda out there with Evening Primrose, great for mature skin, Pomegranate, for regeneration and age spots, and Almond for sensitive skin. The Almond range from Weleda is absolutely wonderful for sensitive skin; it works beautifully. We also have gorgeous hand creams from La Mav, a Rescue Balm from Kosmea and a nourishing skin food from Passionate Skin Care. Shop all hand creams here


5) Check what you are washing your hands with: Every day we wash dishes and our hands multiple times but what are you using and what does it contain? Avoid SLS's, parabens and synthetic chemicals. Have a bottle of Dr Bronner's pump soap by the sink and you can use that to wash your dishes and your hands. At work we have cute 59ml bottles so you can take your own soap with you! Shop Br Bronner's soaps here

If you have very dry skin you'll need to protect and nourish even more so you'll have to develop a very regular routine. Don't neglect your hands. 



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