Wild & Wonderful: The Northern Marsupial Mole

Apr 17, 2024by Your F&F Team

Wild & Wonderful: The Northern Marsupial Mole

Who’s this gorgeous creature?

It’s the Northern Marsupial Mole – otherwise known as the Kakarratu.

Haven’t spotted one before? That’s not surprising!

The Kakarratu is a small marsupial not much bigger than your finger, that spends most of its life underground. With no eyes and tiny ears, this creature relies on its keen sense of smell and touch to navigate its subterranean habitat. Its silky fur and specialised claws make it a master digger, allowing it to move effortlessly through the soil.

Recently, one of the Aboriginal traditional land owners stumbled upon one in the Great Sandy Desert – hence the lucky snap! But let’s find out a little more about this wild and wonderful creature...

What makes the Northern Marsupial Mole unique?

The Northern Marsupial Mole is a small, burrowing mammal that is native to the deserts of Australia. What sets this creature apart is its unique adaptation to its underground lifestyle. With tiny eyes and no external ears, the Northern Marsupial Mole has evolved to thrive in the dark, subterranean world.

How does the Northern Marsupial Mole survive?

Despite its small size, the Northern Marsupial Mole is a master digger. Using its strong forelimbs and specialised claws, this marsupial can tunnel through the sandy desert soil with ease. It primarily feeds on insects and larvae found underground, using its super sense of smell to locate its prey.

Did you know?

The Northern Marsupial Mole differs from other marsupials, in that they don’t have a pouch for its young. Instead, the female Northern Marsupial Mole forms a protective burrow for her offspring, where they develop until they are ready to venture out on their own.

These little creatures may be cute but are mighty in their own underground world.

Image credit: Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Martu Rangers / BBC News, Sydney

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