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Apr 04, 2024by Your F&F Team

We chat with the beautiful Ere Perez, founder of one of Australia's most beloved natural beauty brands...


What inspired you to start your own natural beauty brand?

When I arrived in Australia in 1999, there weren’t the clean beauty brands, like there are today. I couldn’t find a safe and gentle mascara for sensitive eyes like mine, therefore I decided to make it myself! And so, the best-selling Natural Almond Mascara was born! This very first Ere Perez product has maintained the exact same formula for over 22 years!



What did your life look like prior to Ere Perez?

I was born in Mexico, where my family was always involved in holistic therapies and wellness. My grandpa was a traditional medicine man and my mother’s love for natural healing has always inspired me! I absorbed so much of their philosophy about natural health and wellbeing, and our Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint is great example of that. My earliest memories are of her using fresh raw beetroot as a natural blush - straight to the cheeks!


What Ere Perez product are you most proud of and why?

Oh, don’t make me choose!

I always love to recommend the Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar as it’s a fantastic everyday face oil for all skin types, and it helps to awaken even dry sensitive skin types!

Ere Perez has evolved to incorporate values that are not only good for your skin, but more importantly, good for the earth. I am proud of our ethical ingredients and eco-friendly packaging across the whole brand, however, our Makeup-Wheel Refill Case is something I’m incredibly proud of! It’s an innovative refillable solution in the world of sustainable beauty, made from one single material – 100% aluminium, without unrecyclable magnets, hinges, labels, glue, etc.



What's been the biggest lesson you've learnt in business, and in life?

In the early days, my biggest challenge was educating beauty consumers about the skin benefits of swapping out undesirable ingredients, to natural formulas. Nowadays the biggest struggle is to create skincare and makeup, consciously. The beauty industry contributes to much of our Earth’s waste, and as Creative Director I feel a responsibility to ensure our products are guilt-free. Made with our environment in mind, utilising ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging, even if it means saying goodbye to a product (or an idea) we adore!


What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to start my day with a green juice, and take the time to plan out the day ahead. After dropping my three kids off to school, I like to take advantage of living by the ocean and go for a relaxing swim. Apply a quick makeup look in the car before heading to our head office in Bondi for any hands-on discussions. I have a beautiful family-friendly Mexican restaurant, Mami’s close to the office where I split my time and my creativity. Then like all of us with busy lives, my husband and I juggle the kids, the usual evening routines and take advantage of any quiet moments together before bed.



What's your top beauty or wellness hack?

To help boost my immunity I love to cook with garlic and onion when possible! Plus, there’s very little lemon water can’t fix in our household!

It’s no secret that I love a multitasking product, especially using a product for more than it’s advertised to do. For example, I double up my Almond Brow Pencil as a cream contour. I simply draw a line where I’d normally apply bronzer and blend! It’s creamy enough to buff easily into the skin and the perfect matte brown shade for my skin.


Where to next for Ere Perez?

Keep your eyes peeled for water-less products!

As Ere Perez grows, we are really honing our less-is-more philosophy. We are committed to contributing to a healthy planet, creating innovative natural beauty products, and continuing to be leaders in sustainable and clean beauty on the inside, and outside of our products.


Browse the beautiful Ere Perez range, here!

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