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Take It Back and Go Plastic FreeTake It Back and Go Plastic Free
Take It Back and Eliminate PlasticTake It Back and Eliminate Plastic

What is Take It Back?

"Take It Back aims to reduce plastic shipping packaging used sending parcels"

Billions of parcels are sent around the world annually. A huge amount of plastic waste is created and over 90% ends up in landfill or our oceans. There are better alternatives that are plastic-free and kinder to our planet.

We want businesses to 'Take it Back' and own their packaging choices. Embrace these alternatives so we can all reduce the plastic moving around our planet.


At F&F we're.....

1. Working with our suppliers to help them stop using unnecessary plastic packaging and focus on eco-friendly alternatives.

2. Saying when we're not happy with the packaging we receive. 

3. Sending back unnecessary packaging (carbon offset of course) where we're just not seeing improvements.

4. Celebrating those businesses who are doing the right thing. 

The F&F Journey

At Flora & Fauna we have been packing your orders in recycled boxes, made in Sydney, for years. We don't use plastic satchels or bubble wrap and pack orders minimally. By doing this we have saved over 30 tonnes of plastic heading to landfill. 

We didn't start this way; we made this change in July 2016 and haven't looked back. Since that day we've continued to make improvements moving to minimal packaging in 2017 and moving to a paper-free warehouse in 2019.

When we made the move to minimal packaging we had a 40% opt-in overnight. It was so widely taken up we made this standard so you had to opt-out. Now very few people do. 

At F&F we still have some suppliers that send products to us in plastic. We've worked with many over the years to stop this but we still have work to do. We need to get better so we're highlighting the problem by raising awareness and sending the plastic back. 

We need to do more and we need to take this wider than F&F.

We need more businesses to Take It Back! 

This Is Just The Start!

We are certainly not sitting here thinking we're perfect, far from it. We are at the start of the journey and we've done a lot but there is still more do - our work is not done.

Eliminating plastic packaging is step 1 of many things we want to do. Once we've done that let's think product packaging and closing the loop on that.

At F&F we stock close to 2000 plastic-free products. This is where the product packaging is free of plastic. In many cases it's compostable. We want to see more thoughtful product packaging and we want to see the loop closed on disposing of product packaging. 

We have a recycling scheme for our plastic beauty packaging so it can have a second life and our customers are incentivised for recycling. 

We also have introduced a 'How To Dispose' tab on product pages helping people make conscious choices.

Be part of a journey driving change!

Take Action

Find Plastic-Free PackagingFind Plastic-Free Packaging

Boxes - Visy Packaging, Craft Pak and Pack Queen

Compostable Satchels - Better Packaging, No Issue, Hero Packaging and Heaps Good Packaging.

Packing paper - Ranpack

Green Wrap (alternative to bubble wrap) - Gift Packaging & Accessories or Signet for larger retailers. 

Packing Tape - Woodruff or Husky Tape

Compostable Packing Peanuts - Google as there are a few places offering these. As they are bulky go local. 

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