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Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

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  • Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit
  • Multiple Harvests
  • Delicious and Healthy
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Product Description

Life Cykel Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Growing gourmet oyster mushrooms at home is made easy with Life Cykel's eco-friendly grow kit. Simply add water and watch your box produce multiple harvests of oyster mushrooms to add to any meal, right on your kitchen bench. This grow kit is prepared from waste coffee grounds collected around the world, saving them from going into landfill. Included in this kit is a spray bottle to help you nurture your mushrooms.


  • Food connection - Witnessing your mushrooms sprout is a truly enticing experience. It's a great learning tool for the whole family, particularly children.
  • Freshness and flavour - Pick your mushrooms straight from the box and enjoy them within minutes.
  • Superfood benefits - Contain protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium and vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B7.
  • Eco-friendly - This grow kit diverts coffee grounds from going into landfill, which then would have created a greenhouse gas in the form of methane. Instead, you are giving these coffee grounds a second chance to aid the growth of fresh produce. The box is recyclable, creating less waste for our environment.
  • Multiple harvests - Enjoy multiple harvests from this kit. 

For best results, start growing your mushrooms within a week of receiving the box.

Packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

PLEASE NOTE WA & TAS buyers: there are quarantine regulations with sending seeds to these parts of Australia. Quarantine may inspect your parcel and if so, there is a possibility of being charged a fee of $39.50. Please be aware that Flora & Fauna accept no liability for this fee.

Life Cykel make cutting edge mushroom health products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Founded in 2015 by Julian and Ryan, who have done extensive research, to bring forth potent mushroom products that support your health and vitality. Julian, a qualified physiotherapist, developed an interest in nutrition and noticed an uptick in natural mushroom products overseas. It's no surprise that the shroom boom has travelled to the Australian market as mushroom are one of the quickest growing foods and a great addition to plant-based diets. In their product range, you will find mushroom grow kits, drinks, liquids and powder extracts.

  1. Tear out the grow window and cut a cross (X) in the mushroom bad to the edges of the window space
  2. Fill the included spray bottle with the water. Throughout the growing process avoid touching the plastic with your hands. Do 15 sprays at 20cm away from the grow window, at least twice a day. Keeping the plastic flaps attached and near the mushroom surface increases humidity which mushrooms love.
  3. Keep your box up-right, standing tall in a light room and out of direct sunlight. Your kitchen bench is the perfect place! Your first mushrooms can pop up and say hello between 10-30 days.
  4. It's harvest time when your mushrooms stop doubling in size every day and before your mushroom caps unfold and invert. Twist all of your mushrooms out by their roots. Make sure all mushroom remains are removed to let the next mushroom group grow!
  5. To produce your second crop, rest box for one week after 1st harvest then repeat step 2. For the 3rd crop again rest for one week before using the other side. Patience is required for crops 2 & 3.

The ideal temperature for the best quality of mushrooms to form is between 18-24°C.

Recycle coffee, oyster mushroom substrate, mycelium

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit