hannahpad Organic Pantyliner - Antique Indigo (2 Pack)

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  • Reusable Washable Panty Liner 2 Pack

  • Very Light Flow and for In-between Periods

  • Organic Cotton with a Patterned Waterproof Layer

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hannahpad Certified Organic Washable Pantyliner (2 Pack), available online at Flora & Fauna

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and pretty are what we use to describe hannahpad. hannahpads washable, reusable sanitary pad range are a perfect way to rethink how you manage your menstrual period each month. hannahpad offers an alternative to using traditional methods which often end up in landfill. 

These pads are certified organic, come with a 100% organic cotton top layer, internal organic cotton layers and an external waterproof coating. They come with wings to snap underneath your underwear and stay in place. This construct is designed to prevent leakage. Available in panty liners, small, medium, overnight super overnight and super ultra overnight we have pads to cover every stage of the month. And they are available in beautiful patterns to make each month fun! 

If you aren't sure if you'll like these we suggest starting with a panty liner to see if they agree with you. 

The difference between pantyliner and small is the number of inner cotton layers.

  1. Small has 5 cotton layers, 20g
  2. Pantyliner has 3 cotton layers, 15g

Only available to be sold in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands (Excludes US Territories) and the Middle East. We cannot ship hannahpads to other countries due to licensing restrictions.




  1. Place your hannahpad over the inside of your underwear.
  2. Fold the wings over the outside of your underwear and secure using the plastic snap fastener. 

How to Wash

  1. Place used hannahpad under running cold water.
  2. Add environmentally friendly washing detergent onto the pad and run it. 
  3. Fold it in half and soak in cold water 3hrs to 12 hrs. 
  4. Machine wash in cold water. Hand wash recommended. 


These pads are certified organic, come with a 100% organic cotton top layer, internal organic cotton layers and an external waterproof coating.

Wish I had found these earlier!

By: on 8 February 2018
I just recently discovered the world of reusable pads and how I wish I had found out about them earlier! Since having my second child I have become someone who likes to use liners on a daily basis, for my own comfort, but find I have to change them a million times a day as they just constantly feel damp. I decided to purchase 2 of the hannahpad panty liners to start with and see what I think, and I must say I am really impressed. They are larger than the disposable panty liners I am used to wearing, but that is ok as they are so thin and soft it just feels like part of your underwear, and the best bit is there is no dampness at all!! I will definitely be purchasing a full supply of liners and am looking forward to trying the pads and hopefully slowly making the change over to them as well. So far so good and would 100% recommend making the change to anyone who is open to the idea.

Pleasantly suprised

By: on 2 February 2018
I'm really pleased with these little panty liners. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They stay in place and do their job. I bought mine to accompany my menstral cup just for peace of mind. I will be buying more.


By: on 2 January 2018
I'm so glad I finally decided to replace the disposable panty liners (that I used every single day) with these reusable ones. I came to hate seeing so many pink wrappers in the bin. Never will I have to throw away a plastic wrapper or liner again. What a great feeling! They are thicker than normal disposable panty liners but they're also comfortable so I got used to them quickly. If you're used to wearing pads, you'll get used to the thickness quickly (it's a bit like a light winged pad). If you're more used to tampons or cups, it might take a bit longer to get used to them. The silver lining regarding the thickness is that they're absorbent enough to wear for light period days. That's a big plus if you're bad at planning like me. They're very easy to clean. When the stains are particularly bad (eg periods stains) I wash them with soap and water straight after using. Stains, including blood, come out relatively quickly. Scratching the stains while soaping and rinsing the pad helps. If they're not too dirty, I just put them in the washing machine and run a normal cycle at the end of the week, with the rest of my clothes. Then I air dry them inside. What put me off buying these for so long was the expense but finally I just bit the bullet and bought 8 (4x two-packs). If you're also put off by the expense, I reckon you could get away with buying only one or two packs and washing them at the end of the day, as you go. They're totally worth it considering how much waste you're preventing from going in landfills or in oceans plus how much money you'll save in the long run. Overall, they're comfortable, easy to clean, and the designs are very pretty! I would recommend these to anyone. Especially good for teenagers who want an environmentally-friendly option but aren't ready for a menstrual cup (Hannahpad has an extensive range of disposable pads.)

Organic panty liners

By: on 14 November 2017
Fantastic bought these for my daughter and she loves them


By: on 13 November 2017
Was great to not be wasting single use liners. Felt comfortable. Only moved a bit.

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