Celebrate Aussie Brands
Jan 26, 2016by Julie - F&F
In Australia we create, innovate and deliver beautiful brands and products that really do work. Here are some of the best. 
Fight the Mossies...Naturally of Course!
Jan 10, 2016by Julie - F&F
With summer comes mossies and they are definitely out and about. So what are the options if you want natural, vegan and cruelty free?
Detox with Birch
Dec 01, 2015by Julie - F&F
In Summer we like to look your best and we might just have the answer. Weleda have a wonderful range of Birch products that help you get beach ready.
Introducing Eco Tan Face Tan Water
Oct 15, 2015by Julie - F&F
Eco Tan brought us the wonderful Winter Skin and Invisible Tan to give us that fabulous bronzed glow and now we have Eco Tan Face Tan Water to bronze our face. 
Why Choose Natural Hair Care
Sep 24, 2015by Julie - F&F
There are two things that are tricky to change when adopting a more natural lifestyle. One is deodorant and the other is your hair care. 
Crystal Deodorants Explained
Sep 16, 2015by Julie - F&F
One of the most important things you can do when changing your skin care routine is to switch your deodorant from the traditional variety to a natural one. 
The Ancient Secret of Argan Oil
Aug 17, 2015by Julie - F&F
Argan Oil is extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree, also known as ‘The Tree of Life’. The trees originate from Morocco and Argan Oil is an ancient beauty secret. 
Going Green with Lisa Bronner
Aug 12, 2015by Julie - F&F
Dr Bronner's is a brand of organic soaps and other products that has been being made since 1948. Their products are beautiful, effective and have many uses.