What is BB Cream?

Aug 01, 2017by F&F

BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. They’ve been a huge part of the makeup regime in Asia for quite some time, but over the past 3 years the popularity has spread to Western markets with big name brands now offering a BB Cream of some kind to their customers in the US, Australia, Europe and beyond.

The idea of BB cream is that after cleansing it is the only product you need for your face; BB Cream is not your average face cream, it’s a hardworking multi-tasker. 

Depending on which brand you use, BB Creams can moisturise, soothe skin, prime skin, highlight and work as a foundation all at once! Some even have SPF built in.Whilst we at Flora and Fauna are not likely to do away with all our beauty products in place of one; we do love the simplicity on those lazy days or when we are just pressed for time, to have the luxury of applying just one product and we are good to go.

We love Lily Lolo's BB Cream in three shades, Lily Lolo FairLily Lolo Light and Lily Lolo Medium.

We also love La Mav's award winning BB Cream and it really does fly off the shelves. If the colour is too dark, there is now a light version too. 

We have recently introduced Madara's range of tinted moisturisers and they are easiy absorbed coming in a rose beige for fairer skin tones and sun beige for light/ medium skin tones. And they also come in minis perfect for travel. 

We love these BB creams as they are kind to sensitive skin and can be used on combination or normal skin. They provide the perfect blend of moisture and warm, sheer, dewy colour to help even out skin tone without acting like a foundation. It also lifts, provides long lasting hydration and naturally protects against environmental damage.

Another reason we include them in our beauty routine is that there are no nasty chemicals, no parabens, no additives, no colourants and no animal testing and all our BB creams are vegan.

How to apply BB Cream you ask? We find there is no need for makeup brushes like a regular foundation. We just apply using our fingers, using it as a concealer first and then filling in all the gaps in the same way we would apply a foundation.

Along with La Mav and Lily Lolo we also have tinted moisturisers from both Adorn and Mukti and you can shop the whole range of BB creams and Tinted Moisturisers here

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