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Jun 27, 2017by Julie - F&F

So why are traditional deodorants so bad? Anti-Perspirants contain a few ingredients to stop you sweating and keep your waste in your body which isn't good. Your body has a natural need to excrete waste and we’re trying to stop that. A build-up of toxins in the body, and the results, are damaging and can link to cancer. Here are a few of the bad ingredients to watch for:

Aluminium – This plugs our sweat ducts and stops us perspiring. There are links to breast cancer and we are applying this metal to our armpits daily with your 'traditional' deodorants.

Parabens – This is a preservative and has links to breast cancer.

Propylene Glycol – Potential respiratory issues can occur.


So there are a few important reasons to use natural deodorant, and we can't recommend the switch enough, but which one do you pick? 


Here’s a quick guide and review of each one to help:

The Pastes

Pastes are very popular and really do work well in terms of neutralising stinky sweat. They are a go to in terms of natural deodorants and easy to apply. 

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla - this is as coveted as gold dust. It absolutely works and is the mother of natural deodorant paste. Easy to apply and one tub will last a couple of months. Great for men too; my husband swears by it. This will be one to convert you across. The sodium bicarbonate doesn't agree with everyone and might cause a slight rash. If it does discontinue using it but some people find going back to it after a couple of weeks is the answer or interspersing with one of the non paste deodorants. This also comes in a Mini size too so you can try it out. 

The Natural Deodorant - this gorgeous Aussie company make beautiful natural deodorants at a great price ane very effective. With pastes in a jar and in a stick, making it easy to apply, they are in a variety of scents and also in an unscented, bicarb-free, variety perfect for sensitive skin.

Woohoo! Deodorant Paste - this is a natural deodorant paste made in Australia and comes in gorgeous pink packaging. The lovely makers of this deodorant paste also have taken those sensitive folk into account and have designed the formula so it is less likely to cause an irritation. There is also a new Woohoo deodorant called Wild which is a little stronger so great for men and those of us who sweat a bit more.

The Physic Garden - designed and formulated by a naturopath these pastes are both effective and designed to relax or revitalise. 


Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Some people are a little allergic to bicarbonate so we have quite a few deodorants without bicarbonate designed for sensitive skin. Typically Milk of Magnesia is used in its place so you get a daily dose of Magnesium too. You can find products from Good & Clean, The Natural Deodorant and The Physic Garden in our Bicarb Free Category.


The Sprays and Roll Ons

Eco Tan Roll On Deodorant – Eco Tan's roll on deodorant has a fantastic coconut smell and is a favourite amongst you in terms of a none paste. Great for the summer and I’ve used this all day without a retouch and it works well.

Mukti Deodorant Spray - this deodorant and body spray is very popular and another amazing product by the wonderful Mukti. With sage it is unisex and endorsed by athletes so it really does work. 

Weleda – Weleda have three fabulous deodorants in spray versions: Citrus, Sage and Wild Rose. They all have a good scent which works with the body to minimize odour. Remember these deodorants won’t plug your sweat glands (which is good) so they work with the body. My husband uses sage and he loves it. It’s quite a ‘manly’ smell I am assured! The citrus is fresh and rose delightful.

Vanessa Megan – Vanessa Megan Roll On deodorants come in Vanilla and Citrus Grove. They are wonderful for sensitive skin and have a delicate scent. If you prefer roll on’s these are ideal.

Dr Hauschka – The Sage and Mint Deodorant and Rose Deodorant are both roll ons. I love the Sage and Mint because it is so fresh and cooling. Both deodorants are quick drying and long lasting.

Madara - certified organic and leveraging the power of northern European herbs and berries Madara's deodorants are refreshing. 


Not to forget kids or men. 

If you are a teenager your hormones are all over the place. You can use these deodorants but 808 Dude has designed deodorants specifically to cope with teenage hormones. In a roll on this is designed for boys but lots of girls buy it. 

And plenty of men use Black Chicken Axilla because it is strong but Speick is a great range designed just for men. There are plenty of body washes and shaving lotions but also a comprehensive range of men's deodorants in roll on and spray form. They are given a huge thumbs up from the F&F fellas. 

As natural deodorants don’t act in the way of anti-perspirants it might take some time to get used to them. Give it time and carry a deodorant with you or keep one at work. You’ll probably find you want to top up and that’s really normal. Just remember your body will thank you for this!

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