Zuii Powder Foundations Explained

Oct 06, 2016by F&F

Zuii Organic make some beautiful vegan, cruelty free, foundations and have three different powder foundations but which one do you choose? 


Zuii Organic Flora Powder Foundation

This is the original powder foundation from Zuii and great for anyone that has dry/ normal skin or prefers a healthy glow to their skin when using a Powder Foundation.

This powder foundation will give the look of a nourished, hydrated and glowing skin. Ingredients such as Rose Flower Water will hydrate skin whilst wearing this foundation. 

The original foundation comes in many shades including Almond for Medium Sunkissed Skin Tones. 


Tips: always apply Primer first to hydrate, nourish and treat skin throughout the day. Allows for a more even coverage of powder foundation. Zuii Organic has several primers depending on your skin type. The original primer is great for all skin types, Apricot counteracts dark circles and pigmentation, Mint reduces redness in skin and Mauve brightens dull or sallow skin. 


Loose Powder Foundation

This is perfect if you prefer a loose powder foundation.

It gives a light to medium weight coverage and contains witch hazel extract to soak up oil production during the day. It's a mattifying powder which helps regulate over production of Sebum on the skin so good if you have normal to oily skin. This powder is more of a professional powder in regards to staying power.

This Powder Foundation is very rare and one of a kind containing REAL rose petals, that are used as the base of all of Zuii's products, in their true form. 

The loose foundation comes in many shades including Aspen for dark skin tones. 


Ultra Powder Foundation

If you love a pressed powder foundation with maximum coverage and a matte finish this is the one for you. This powder foundation also contains witch hazel extract which will regulate over production of sebum and will soak up any oil production during the day, to allow for a longer lasting wear and shine free finish.

This foundation is also very rare as this is the only powder in the Certified Organic world that contains the most modern form of powder which is Soft Focus Powder and helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

The pressed foundation comes in many shades including Alabaster for fair skin tones.

Shop all of Zuii Organic vegan, cruelty free, foundations including liquid, powder and sample packs. 

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