Be Kind to Animals Week

Oct 11, 2016by F&F

A couple of weeks ago was Be Kind to Animals Week. Now we think you should be kind to animals every minute of the day but this week is great at raising awareness of certain issues and how important animals are to our overall ecosystem.

But what can we do everyday to help the environment and the beautiful animals living on the planet? Here are five thoughts from us. 

1) Avoid using disposable plastic. Say no to the plastic bags, no to the coffee lid and see you later to plastic cutlery. It ends up in our waterways and landfill and in our birds, animals and marine life. There are lots of great alternatives such as stainless steel strawsstainless steel water bottles and bamboo cutlery. Straws are one of the worst offenders so say no. 

2) Go veggie (or vegan) one or two days a week. Animals being raised as livestock for meat is one of the main reasons for environmental damage and polluting gases. Also millions of other animals are killed to protect livestock so imagine what would happen if you halved your intake. 

3) Be alert and call your local wildlife number if you see a stranded bird, animal or reptile. I volunteer for WIRES and there are lots of rescues needed this time of the year with Spring so please keep an eye or two out. Store your local wildlife rescue in your phone. 

4) If you are thinking about buying a dog, cat or something else do a bit of research on your local rescue centres or greyhound rescue organisations . Give rescue animals a chance

5) Drive carefully and keep our fauna fit and healthy.

If you have any other thoughts pop them below. 

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