Desert Shadow Hair Dye Explained

Sep 20, 2016by Julie - F&F


What is Desert Shadow?

Desert Shadow is an Australian hair dye. It’s made in WA, is certified organic by NASAA, vegan and absolutely stunning. 


How do I use Desert Shadow?

Desert Shadow hair dye requires a bit of prep work but if you can mix a paste you’re there. In each box you receive two sachets and a spice mix along with a pair of gloves. The procedure below is for the brown colours. If you have reds or blacks it's much simpler and quicker so just refer to the box instructions. 


Step 1: The night before you plan to dye your hair simply take sachet 1, add some lemon juice and mix until it looks like mashed potato. Cover and leave overnight; I recommend covering with a tea towel or paper towel, something where air can get to it and it can oxidise. 

Step 2: The next day take your mix, make sure it has a crust on top (that means it is ready), and then add warm water gradually until it has a smooth consistency. Put to one side. 

Step 3: Take sachet 2, add a teaspoon of salt then add warm water a little at a time until it has a smooth consistency. Leave the mix to sit for around 10-15 minutes. 

Step 4: Mix both pastes together with the spice sachet for 2-5 minutes

Step 5: Apply to your clean, dry hair in thick chunks piling on the top of your head as you go. Wrap in a shower cap and leave for 3-4 hours; the longer the more intensive the result.

Step 6: Wash out and hey presto gorgeous locks. 


Typical questions

1) The instructions say to use honey and yogurt. I’m vegan I don’t want to. 

There is no need to use honey or yogurt; it helps wash the dye out but doesn’t impact the colour at all so feel free to leave out. 


2) Does Desert Shadow contain henna?

Desert Shadow is a mix of henna and botanicals. Some colours contain more henna than others, for example the reds contain a lot. Some colours, such as the blonds, contain very little henna and the black has no henna. 


3) Are they good at covering grey?

Oh yes! The colours work incredibly well at covering grey and working deep into the hair shaft to work with the original pigment granules or replace your absent melanin. If you have thicker, greyer hair, leave the product on for longer. If you have more than 50% grey use a red base first then colour on top. 


4) Can I mix the colours

Go for it and be as creative as you like. As always we recommend a strand test first to make sure you are happy with the result. Some lovely customers have mixed colours to create lowlights. 


5) Do they contain PPD or Black Henna?

No – absolutely not. PPD, or black henna, should be avoided and Desert Shadow does not contain this. 


6) They seem really fussy. Are they?

We don’t think so but you just need to be organised, and have lemons!


7) Are lemons necessary?

Yes. The dye needs acid from the lemons, or apple cider vinegar, to burst the membrane and make the dye available. 


8) I want to go blond. Can your hair dyes help with that?

The blond colours are best used on already blond hair that needs brightening or you need grey coverage on. They won’t lighten brown hair; they aren’t a bleach. 


9) Can these colours be used on already dyed hair?

Yes but do a strand test to make sure you are happy with the results. 


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