Your Everyday Eco Essentials

Feb 23, 2018by F&F

We can all help with reducing waste by having an essentials bag that you take with you to avoid using disposables when you're out. From coffee cups to straws and reusable cutler what does our go to bag look like

Water Bottle...we throw away billions and billions of plastic bottles. Not only is this devastating for the environment but it costs a lot of money and is totally unnecessary. So grab yourself a stainless steel reusable bottle or a glass bottle or reuse one you already have. 

Reusable Coffee Cup... coffee cups that are given out at cafes and coffee shops may look like they're recyclable but they aren't so off to landfill they go. Help our planet by bringing your own whether you're a coffee or tea drinker. Some coffee shops offer a discount and a list of places that welcome 'bring your own' can be found at Responsible Cafes. At Flora & Fauna we have glass coffee cups, insulated coffee cups, KeepCups and more. See our reusable coffee cups

Reusable Straw....a huge issue in the world. We would love to see bigger businesses like McDonalds and Starbucks make a move on this and offer a better solution like paper or plant based compostable straws. Until that happens it's down to us to take our own whether that be a stainless steel straw or bamboo straw. You can find lots of straws at F&F including cocktail and smoothie straws. 

Bowl and cutlery...disposable cutlery is another gremlin and a gremlin we can address. From bamboo to recycled plastic and bamboo cutlery there are options around reusable and biodegradable cutlery. When it comes to bowls a coconut bowl is a great option as there's minimal processing and it is totally natural. Plus you can use compostable bowls or bowls made from recycled plastic. If you're getting takeaway food check the cafe will let you use your own bowl or one of our Preserve Food2Go Containers. And of course you can take your own lunch container

Smoothie Jar or Flask....smoothies are put in the same containers as coffee cups which aren't recyclable so we need to be mindful. An old glass jar with lid does the trick. Check your smoothie place will take it and encourage them to do so if they say no!

Of course you need to put these in something. An old tote bag will do or a reusable fold up shopping bag or one of our lunch bags

You can shop plenty more eco-friendly products at Flora & Fauna. 

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