Your Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

Oct 22, 2021by Gabby - F&F

When it comes to buying the perfect Christmas present, unique and practical are always top of mind — but what about eco-friendly? 

An article by the Sunday Morning Herald reported that around $400 million of unwanted presents, was discarded in Australia just last Christmas. When we stop to think about this huge number, we find that this doesn't even account for wrapping paper, decorations and single-use plastics that are commonly contained in gift packaging. So you can just imagine how much extra waste is ending up in landfill over the holiday period. 

This year, consider being kinder to the environment. There are so many wonderful eco products that are also unique and practical, and make the perfect gift for loved ones — regardless if they are super eco-conscious or yet to start their sustainability journey.

This eco-friendly gift guide, is carefeully curated to help inspire your Christmas purchases — not only will your friends and family appreciate it, the earth will too!

Church Farm Handmade Natural SoapChurch Farm Handmade Natural Soap

Functional Eco Gifts

Handmade soaps make amazing gifts! Here's why — soap is functional! We all use and need soap and our range of Natural Soaps are beautiful, luxurious, come in a range of heavenly scents and of course are eco. Soap is a safe option for gifting to someone you may not know so well, but they are also a great indication of how well you know someone too. Gifting someone a unique handcrafted soap in their favourite scent really shows you know their taste.

Lip Balms are also super functional and make a perfect stocking filler. Noosa Basics, Ethique and Raw Nature are just a few of the amazing brands whose lip balms are plastic free and come in compostable packaging.

Hand Cream and Body Lotions are simply feel good beauty gifts. They are super moisturising and smell great!

By The Sea Collection Cork Vivid Lyla ClutchBy The Sea Collection Cork Vivid Lyla Clutch

Eco Style

Handbags are a prized possession, an essential 'survival kit' for the day. Our Ethically Made, Vegan and Cruelty- Free Bags are the practical eco switch that does not compromise on style. We stock a wide range, which are made from eco-friendly materials like, pinatex (pineapple fibre), vegan leather and cork. Cork being one of the most sustainable materials out — very durable and strong. You can shop our Bags here.

For your friends and family who already have all the latest technology, gift them some eco-friendly accessories. We have a gorgeous range of Phone Cases, Phone Grips, Airpod Cases and Apple Watch Bands that are 100% compostable. 

With the summer sun rays creeping in, choose to gift our Biodegradable Sunglasses. They are super trendy and kind to the environment! Both lenses and frames will break down in landfill, so you can feel extra good wearing them.

No Nasties Play Make Up SetNo Nasties Play Make Up Set

Eco Gifts for Little Ones

Gifting for little ones is a great way to help families practice eco-friendly behaviours in their home. If you have a little one, you'll know how quickly they go through nappies. In fact, Australia alone throws away 800 million nappies each year, making our Reusable Nappies are a great gift choice. Giving the gift of reusables will not only save your gift receiver money and help the planet but these nappy prints are seriously gorgeous. There's also some beautiful Swimwear Pieces made from recycled plastic bottles — perfect for summer. Kids Reusable Drink Bottles and Lunch Bags are also great.

What about toys? How children learn to appreciate the environment, stems from the toys they play with and the books they read. We have some adorable Ethically Made Toys which help bub start to grip, feel texture and help with teething and Books about the environment. If they're a little bit older, they will love playing with No Nasties Makeup.

Now you've done the hard work, don't ruin your efforts with single-use plastic gift wraps and decorations. Instead, try Hello Snowglobe Eco-Friendly Reusable Fabric Gift Wraps and step away from the minority of Australians who throw away over 150,000 km of Christmas wrapping each year. For the Christmas tree, hang up Earth Greetings Bamboo, Biodegradable Decorations. There's even a more eco-friendly option for Cards. Take a look at Sow n Sow for example — these cards double up as plant seeds and can be composted when done. How Amazing!

Don't be surprised if you find your self adding double to your shopping cart this year. There really are so many great eco goodies to choose from, we could honestly find ourselves glued to the website for hours. 

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