Major Aussie Clothing Retailer Introduces 100% Recyclable Enviro-Hangers

Oct 22, 2021by Olivia - F&F

One of Australia’s most iconic clothing retailers — Best&Less — has introduced 100% recyclable Enviro-Hangers into their stores across Australia!

Best & Less Enviro HangersBest & Less Enviro Hangers

Best & Less | Enviro-Hangers

The much-loved Aussie clothing retailer, Best&Less, has been around since 1965. If you’ve recently been to one of their 185 stores located across Australia, you might’ve spotted an odd-looking clothes hanger!

That’s because Best&Less are beginning to roll out the Enviro-Hanger — a 100% recyclable clothes hanger made from thick cardboard. To begin with, Best & Less are using the Enviro-Hangers for their Baby Berry Organics range, which is inspired by beautiful flora, fauna, and earth tones.

Best&Less’ Head of Kids Buying, Vanessa Noy, says “Best&Less introduced the Enviro-Hangers last year taking further action towards our goal to have all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. Following a great customer response to the Baby Berry Organics range we plan to expand sustainable packaging across all of our accessories, socks, blankets etc.”

Enviro Hanger Non-Toxic AwardsEnviro Hanger Non-Toxic Awards

Enviro-Hanger Won Gold In The 2020 Non-Toxic Awards! 

Enviro-Hanger is an Australian design by a family-owned company, and recently, their product won gold in the Zero Waste - Home category at the 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards! The prestigious Aussie awards recognise products that are Safe, Ethical, Sustainable and Socially Responsible.

Enviro-Hangers are compostable, 100% non-toxic, and produced from clean, recycled cardboard. They present a simple solution to rid plastic within the fashion industry.  

“This is such an amazing product and I’m so surprised that this is the first time I’ve come across it. Made of recycled paper this hanger is such an easy way to reduce plastic and is 100% recyclable! The hanger is strong and holds jackets easily. It also has a little indent on each side to hold the ribbon holders you find in clothes,” said Non-Toxic Awards expert, Fiona Morouco.

Plastic Clothes Hangers WastePlastic Clothes Hangers Waste

Enviro-Hangers Eliminate Plastic Waste

Plastic clothes hangers are one of those inconspicuous items that you don’t really think about. When we walk into retail stores, they blend into the background — but, at the end of the day, around 85 per cent of plastic clothes hangers find their way into landfill and oceans. Plus, according to Enviro-Hanger, each plastic hanger can take more than 1,000 years to break down.

The Enviro-Hanger offers such a simple, sustainable solution for retail stores. According to Non-Toxic Awards expert, Emma Freeman, “Having worked in fashion retail for years, I would often cringe at the number of plastic hangers passing through my fingertips each day. This cardboard hanger is a fantastic, sturdy and totally viable solution to all that plastic filling landfill each year. I love that it’s not only recyclable but made of recycled paper”.

We’re so excited that the popular Aussie clothing retailer, Best&Less, is taking this step to minimise plastic waste from clothing hangers. It seems like such a simple thing, but can you imagine if all fashion retailers made the switch? Instead of walking into major clothing stores and seeing hundreds of thin plastic hangers, we’d see 100% recyclable and compostable hangers.

With more fashion retailers taking these sustainable steps, soon, this idea could become a reality! 

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