Your Eco & Ethical Holiday Checklist

Dec 25, 2017by F&F

It's the time of year that many of us go away or even take a staycation. So what are your essentials so you can have a beautiful, natural and ethical holiday while also minimising space? Here are our top things to remember.


Sunscreen.....whether you're going to the beach or the snow the sun can damage your skin and you need to protect it. So top of our list is sunscreen and a natural one. It's really important to choose the right suncsreen so that you're reflecting the sun; some of the sunscreens you'll find im supermarkets work by a chemical reaction taking place on your skin. Not something we recommend so go for one with a zinc base. Simple as That Sunscreen is a beautiful, pharmacist formulated, sunscreen designed for the face and body. It is lightweight so you can use it under make up and doesn't leave a 'white zinc' look. It contains no nasty ingredients and even has rosehip, green tea and raspberry seed oil to nourish your skin. Of course it's vegan and cruelty free too! Not to stop there we also have Wotnot Sunscreen and UV Natural that are both vegan and cruelty free. All have SPF30 and UV Natural also make a natural sunscreen for babies. Shop Natural Sunscreen

Toothbrush and Toothbrush Holder....something we shouldn't forget is our toothbrush when we go away so grab a bamboo one and a bamboo toothbrush holder to carry it in. You might want to take a bamboo stand with you too. 

Toothpaste...we have some great fluoride free toothpastes perfect for on the go. Grants is one that is affordable and effective. 

Deodorant....we have a few travel size deodorants ideal for on the go and they don't take up too much room. Whether you love Black Chciken's Axilla, LaVanilla ,Woohoo or The Physic Garden we have lots of mini sizes. 

Mossie Repellent....whether you are home or away you'll probably need this. Mossies can be a real distraction and can easily ruin a great day so keep them away with the natural repellents from Eco Tan, The Physic Garden and Vanessa Megan. Vanessa Megan also make one gentle enough for your little ones too. Shop Insect Repellent

Natural Medicines....when you're away bites, cuts and stings can often happen so a couple of natural medicines we keep with us are Botani's Antifungal Cream and Weleda's Burns and Bite Gel. Botani's phytoseptic antifungal cream is great for thrush, bites, stings, mossie bites, nappy rash and more. The Weleda gel is great for burns, bites, stings and minor sunburn .

Hair Care....when travelling you don't want to carry around large bottles so Mukti and Hot Tresses' travel bottles are ideal and will last you a good week or two. 

Body Wash...we love soap and we'd encourage you to take a bar of that away with you. Another great option is Dr Bronner's 59ml bottles. These small bottles go a long way plus you can use them to wash clothes so multi tasking. You might want to take a travel body brush with you and this dry body brush from Eco Max is small enough to fit in your bag. 

Protect your can never be short of a lip balm or five so keep your lips protected in the sun and the cold with one of our vegan lip balms. Hurraw has a lip balm with Chamomile and SPF15 and also a Moon Balm perfect to use as an overnight balm to nourish your lips. Some of our lip balms from Itha and Hurraw are also tinted saving on using a lipstick.  Shop all our lip balms

Make might not want to take all of your make up when travelling but go minamalist so we have a gorgeous travel brush set from Eco Tools which comes in its own case. 

Travel Wipes...finally hand sanitiser and wipes are never far from reach when travelling. 

And, of course, don't forget your Reusable Coffee CupWater Bottle and Reusable Straw so you can keep up the good work when you're away. 

We've got a great selection of travel products that you can check through to see what you need. 

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