Which Deodorant is for Sensitive Skin

Mar 27, 2017by Julie - F&F

Natural deodorant is the single most important thing we think you can adopt in your life. Natural deodorant does not contain aluminium or parabens and helps your body eliminate waste and breathe while neutralising odour.


Natural deodorant doesn't agree with everyone and some people can be sensitive to it and get pink irritated skin. This can put people off natural deodorant and they switch back to their mainstream deodorants with aluminium and anti perspirant.

Firstly why does this occur? Natural deodorant has sodium bicarbonate in it most of the time. That is an ingredient that helps neutralise the odour. The majority of people are fine with it but some people can form a reaction which can be irritated red skin or itchiness; the pH isn't the same as our skin and some people's skin simply doesn't like it. There are several options to manage this and these have worked for some of our customers so are tried and tested:


1) Use smaller amounts. We find people are generally using too much. You need a tiny amount, less than a pea size.

2) Give your body a break for two weeks then come back to it. Amazingly this has worked on quite a few people so it isn't as crazy as it sounds.

3) Use a deodorant with less bicarbonate. Woohoo have developed an amazing deodorant which has a smaller amount of bicarbonate. This has worked wonders on many people who have been sensitive before. It's Woohoo Pink; the Green is a little stronger.

4) Try a Bicarbonate Free deodorant. These deodorants have been crafted with different ingredients and no bicarbonate so they are still effective but don't cause irritation. The Natural Deodorant makes two bicarb free deodorants, Earth purifies makes two, one for her and one for him, Schmidt' also have a Tea Tree Oil deodorant and a very popular Rose and Geranium deodorant. Finally The Physic Garden makes a couple of bicarb free deodorants. Shop all Bicarbonate Free deodorants.


One very important piece of advice is to not give up. When switching to natural deodorant your body will go through change and it will be detoxing so you might feel a bit smellier and sweatier as your body eliminates all the toxins and waste present. Try to eat cleaner as what goes in comes out, drink plenty of water and keep a deodorant on you and persevere; your body and health will thank you for it.

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