It's All About Mum this Mother's Day

Mar 02, 2017by F&F

Mother's Day is the one day of the year you can really spoil Mum but what do you do. Here are five things Mum might love that don't cost a cent. 


Spoiling Mum with Thoughtfulness

Sometimes the best presents are those that require a bit of thought so what do we think Mum might love..

  1. Make Mum Breakfast. Mums (and Dads) run around you all year so how about you surprise her with breakfast.
  2. Make your own card. It’s easy to buy a store bought card but what about making one. Effort goes a long way.
  3. Run Mum a bath with candles and peace and quiet. Something Mums get little of is ‘me time’ so give Mum some me time this Mother’s Day.
  4. Maybe your mum would like some screen-free time with you so go on a walk, play a board game, or go for lunch. Spoil her. 
  5. Find out your Mum’s favourite thing to do and make sure she does that on Mother’s Day surrounded by her favourite things. And maybe give her a facial or mini manicure at the same time. 


You might want to buy Mum a special gift and we have lots of options here at Flora & Fauna depending on what your Mum might like.

Here are some of our top picks for Mum

IME Perfume

We love IME Perfume. Tonia, the brains behind the brand, loves scent and focuses on creating perfume that match your muse, mood or colour inspiration. Whether you are Naughty, Intuitive or Driven there are 9 different scents to choose from. 


Natural Soap

Some may thing soap is a bit boring buthave you tried the Australian Natural Soap Company’s soaps. Palm oil free and beautiful they take soap to a whole new level. With Avocado soap, Calamine and luxury soap packs they are a stunning gift. All handmade and hand cut in Melbourne they are packaged in ecofriendly, biodegradable packaging.


Energy Mists and Perfume powders

If your Mum is someone who like a bit of me time, she loves yoga or meditation or desperately needs to stop we have some beautiful mists by Cedar + Stone. These can be used on yourself or in your space. And Cedar + Stone has gorgeous perfume powders in handy containers perfect for travel. 



Who doesn’t love chocolate. When it’s vegan palm oil free, gluten free and made in Australia what’s not to love. Pana Chocolate and Loving Earth make some gorgeous choccie Mum may love plus Pana have an ‘I Love You Mum’ gift box and we now have their Rose Chocolate especially for Mother’s Day. 


KeepCups and Water Bottles

Maybe you have a Mum who just loves Star Wars or is a Sea Shepherd fan so one of our KeepCups would be perfect. Or perhaps she's a gym junkie but would love a reusable water bottle to take with her. We have some beautiful ones for her to enjoy. 



Nail Polish

The one thing a busy Mum often forgets about is her nails. I took a friend of mine with 4 children to a nail salon for a pedicure and manicure and she was so relaxed. It was the first time she had done this in over 4 years! So maybe buy Mum some nail poishes and give her a mini manicure. 


A new beautiful bag or wallet.

If your Mum needs a new bag or wallet we have some stunning vegan, cruelty free ones for you. PETA Approved, the material is soft and luxurious and the wallets come with plenty of card holders. 



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