Your Guide to 321 Filter Water Bottles

Mar 31, 2017by Julie - F&F

Many of you have been asking for a water bottle with a filter so we've come to the rescue. So what are they made of, how do you use them and why are they great?

321 Water Bottles are designed and made in Australia and they have a unique patented press plunge system, very similar to a coffee plunger. They contain a carbon block filter to give you clean water whenever you need it.

They are 500ml which is a great size for on the go. Light, easy to carry and the filter significantly reduces chlorine and any unpleasant taste and odour. Note it doesn't remove fluoride or treat water that is not safe to drink. 

Strong and sturdy and in a variety of gorgeous colours, the filter lasts for around 125 refills. Once you have finished with the filter you can put it in the compost as it's made of activated carbon which is organic material so there is no unnecessary waste going back to Mother Nature.

The bottle itself is made of a new and recyclable plastic, especially developed for the food and drink industry, called Tritan Eastman which is BPA and BPS free. 


Q: What is Activated carbon and what does it do?

Activated carbon is a natural highly porous filtering material prepared by exposing organic materials such as coconut shells to high temperatures and steam, creating an enormous surface area for absorption. The filter significantly reduces chlorine and removes odours and bad tastes. It does not remove fluoride. This super-porous carbon is used to absorb impurities from potable tap water such as odours, tastes, organic compounds and residual chlorine. It is made from organic material so can be composted at the end of its life. 


Q: Help, my water turned black.

This is completely natural and normal. Your filter is made from an activated carbon and the first time it passes through water it leaves a residue. This means that it's working. We recommend that after your first plunge you refill and plunge again to ensure the filter will not leave any residue on the next fill.


Q: When do I need to replace my filter?

The filter lasts around 125 refills. That is an amazing 62.5 litres of great tasting water before it needs replacing. If you are struggling to remember this, then the best way to remember is that a frequent user (drinking 2 litres a day) will need to change the filter monthly. Though if you don’t hydrate as regularly, then every second month should do the trick.


Q: Can I use my product in countries where it is not safe to drink tap water?

No. 321 Water is only to be used with tap water that has been treated and is safe to drink. 321 Water doesn't make undrinkable water drinkable. However, it is a great idea to take 321 Water with you when travelling.


Q: What are 321 Water bottles made of?

The 321 Water Container and Filter Tree are made of durable, easy to clean, BPA free copolyester (Tritan Eastman). All of these products are 100% BPA and BPS free.


Q: Can you recycle 321 Water Bottles?

Yes, 321 Water uses a BPA-free plastic called Eastman Triton Co-polyester. Eastman Tritan is a new and recyclable plastic especially developed for the food and drink industry because it contains no BPA.


Q: My bottle seems to be leaking. What do I do?

This is likely the water trapped between the threads of the bottle top and the container. Please try the following, we're pretty sure this will do the trick! Take the cap off next time you plunge. That way, air does not push the water out. Plus, fill the 321 Bottle a little less than you have been doing so far.


Q: Can I put my 321 Water bottle in the fridge or dishwasher?

Yes, you can, but put on the top shelf. The bottle will remain intact and safe to use and chemical free. Make sure you have removed the filter before placing the 321 Bottle in the dishwasher. 


If you have any other questions please let us know. Shop 321 Water.

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