Who Is Rosie The Pig?

Mar 09, 2021by Justine - F&F
Rosie the little pigRosie the little pig

Who Is Rosie The Pig? 

If you've been a long-time customer with us, you might know Rosie! Rosie is a 6-year-old piggy that frolics in our paddock at home where the original Flora & Fauna warehouse still stands. When we first started Flora & Fauna at our home, the team loved seeing Rosie every day, giving her pats and feeding her some delicious carrots! As we've now moved warehouses, we don't post about Rosie as much, but we wanted to give you an update and introduce her to those who have only just joined the F&F family! Rosie has been a part of our lives since she was a teenie weenie little pig and could fit in our laps at just 9 weeks old! She's now over 150kg and sadly doesn't fit in our laps or in the car anymore. She's also our ambassador and reminds us every day to be kind.

Where Does Rosie Sleep?

One thing we always forget to tell guests is that Rosie has her own bedroom, fit with a queen-sized (of course) mattress! That's right, just like our human babies, our furry baby has her own bedroom and bed too.

After a long day of grazing, rolling around in the grass and mud, Rosie has her dinner and just like the rest of us, she gets tucked into bed in her bedroom, inside our house! This might not sound normal to most, but for us, it's no different than having dogs or cats in the house. She is truly living a life of luxury!


Rosie in our shopRosie in our shop

What Kind Of Pig Is Rosie? 

Rosie is your average piggy. Rosie is brown and as a female pig, her tusks stopped growing a couple of years ago. Boars have tusks that keep growing and make them fairly formidable.

Pigs are very routine focused and also hierarchial and they like to establish a social structure. Pigs are also incredibly smart. It's really quick to teach Rosie skills and tricks but that also means they need to be engaged and challenged.

Rosie the pig's favourite foodRosie the pig's favourite food

What Does Rosie Eat? 

Rosie loves carrots and typically grazes all day long in her paddock, but she's also a great composter! She loves eating any food scarps we give her like watermelon, apples, etc. She also eats grain morning and night. It's illegal to feed meat to pigs, and we're vegan, so don't do that anyway, but we have had people wanting to feed her meat which is a big no no.

Pigs Are Smart! 

Pigs are incredibly intelligent, especially our not-so-little Rosie! Did you know pigs have great long-term memories, can recognise other pigs they know and distinguish between pigs they haven't met before. 

Our Rosie can do a few tricks such as spinning in circles, her version of 'sitting down' on her haunches and doing figure 8's throughout legs — which we don't do much anymore as she's quite large and could knock us over! 

Rosie on our website Rosie on our website

Rosie On Our Website

Rosie is a huge part of our brand and why we do what we do here at F&F. If you scroll to the bottom of any page on our website, you'll find Rosie grazing in the grass. Try it out! 

Her silhouette can also be spotted on our boxes. 

If You Don't Have Space, Don't Get A Pig! If You Don't Have Space, Don't Get A Pig! 

If You Don't Have Space, Don't Get A Pig! 

Yes, we know pigs are super cute, smart, and make great pets, but we live on quite a few acres and only recommend getting a pig if you live on lots of land and are prepared to commit. Pigs need space; some pigs dig and some don't but be prepared for them to dig so if you love your garden..... I've heard horror stories about pigs living in apartments or pigs living in a few sqm of backyard. It's so unfair on the pig and many people realise they can't cope with pigs so try and find new homes. We don't recommend anyone gets a pig unless you've done your research and are prepared for the commitment.


If you don't have the space, but really love pigs, we recommend paying a visit to Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary in Laguna, NSW. We love going here with our team and you're guaranteed to see about 6 beautiful pigs, including the famous Bubbles and Starsky who love trotting around on the tour and following Deb, the owner. 

Where Pigs Fly rely solely on donations, so once you've visited, fallen in love with the animals and found a favourite, you can sponsor an animal here and all money will go towards feed for the animals and maintenance of the farm. It really is quite expensive to run a sanctuary, and Where Pigs Fly are constantly adding rescuing more animals to start their new life on the sanctuary, so they need support. 

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