Choose To Challenge This International Women's Day

Mar 08, 2021by Justine - F&F

This Monday, March 8th is International Women's Day and the theme this year is Choose To Challenge. So why choose to challenge? Well, in 1902, women in Australia were finally granted to right to vote, and way back then, women chose to challenge and demand the right to vote. 

Today is a day to reflect and celebrate the incredible milestones women have achieved, but also a time to discuss the many issues women still face today like access to equal opportunities, sexism, gender pay gap, violence against women and many more. We still have a long way to go to reach gender equality.

We asked some of our female founders what they choose to challenge this International Women's Day and we hope they inspire you to challenge something too! 


Julie - Flora & Fauna Founder

I choose to challenge leadership. For far too long women have hit a cement ceiling. Last year only 3% of the 1000 Top CEOs appointed globally were women. It's not ok and we must challenge this - we should challenge it as leaders, women in business, as consumers, and in everyday life. I have had too many meetings where I have not been addressed or I have been asked to make the coffee; in one meeting with a very large tech company I was not addressed for the entire meeting or even acknowledged despite being the GM. It's time to use our voices and speak out when it's not ok. It's time we challenge this.

Jo - Viva La Body 

I choose to challenge gender stereotypes. Ambition, self-esteem and expectations should never be lost to gender-based attitudes and behaviours. Women are consistently underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) disciplines. The education curriculum in schools needs to be gender-neutral and focused on offering equal opportunity education to all students. Education is the key to freedom and equality!

Emma - Australian Natural Soap Company 

I choose to challenge the apparent novelty of being a female who runs her own business. I have been in meetings where I’ve been told “It’s nice to see a woman in these types of meetings”. I’ve also had people I have engaged to do some work for us not address me, the Director of the company, but rather a male colleague.

Emma - Love Tea

I choose to challenge unfair working conditions for women. Every day, we are provided with endless choice. The purchases we make are always a vote towards the brands we want to support, the conditions their staff work in and the pay staff receive. I challenge you to ask more questions, to delve deep into the unknown and demand information on what the company producing the product stands for. Are women and children underpaid? Is their health at risk because of their working conditions? Are they looked after? Once you ask questions, you gain greater knowledge and have the power to make educated decisions. Perhaps if we question how products were made and by whom, we will choose differently. It is time to challenge what has been accepted for far too long and demand fair working conditions for women globally.

Chey - Black Chicken

As a female leader, I choose to challenge self-belief. I'd like to encourage women aspiring to leadership positions in large organisations or their own businesses - to be kinder to themselves. Particularly how you speak to yourself. Become your own raving fan because the higher you go the lonelier it can become. Don’t get hooked on external recognition and validation. Look inward, reflect on the successes that have got you to where you are, give yourself a pat on the back and support other women in business by reminding her to do the same!

Patrizia - Butt Naked 

I choose to challenge the gender stereotypes still being placed on women. Women have been and often still are groomed and conditioned, either by mainstream media or the patriarchy itself, to believe that they have a certain place in society. Growing up I always challenged or rebelled against this societal ‘gender norm’. As I’ve always been a bit left of centre, I created my own rules, values and belief system based on my own worth as a human, and not on my gender.

Vicki - The Jojoba Company 

I choose to challenge self-belief. I grew up in the '70s & '80s where women’s and men’s jobs were quite clearly defined although feminism was beginning to emerge more and more. Becoming a female company founder was something I never believed I could do while juggling a family as well. With encouragement from my family and friends, support from my wonderful husband and self-belief, it has become a reality. The words of Eleanor Roosevelt have kept me motivated throughout my journey, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do ”. Dream big and believe in yourself.

Tarj - La Mav

I choose to challenge the role of women in society. Even in today’s seemingly progressive world—women are still perceived as the weaker gender and as women, we need to continually fight for equality—in all arenas. While this is an issue that is certainly prevalent globally, I see this disparity even more clearly when I visit my home country of India where women are undoubtedly treated as less than. Beyond the challenge for equality however, I think it’s also essential that we fight for the safety of women in society. We should feel as confident walking down a dark street as any man and again, when I go home to India I still see the abuse and mistreatment of women simply walking down the street. My hope is that I can continue to use my platform to shine a light on these issues.

Holly - Eye of Horus 

As a mother and woman in business, I feel we really need to change the perception of how we see ourselves and focus on valuing, empowering and supporting each other. It takes courage, belief and trust in your own abilities as a woman to step up and take the lead in business. Together we can reshape business culture and influence change by leading with conviction, compassion and empathy.

Claire - ECO. Modern Essentials 

I will celebrate women‘s achievements and help create opportunities for women in our ECO. family and team to achieve their goals and dreams. 


So what will you choose to challenge this year? 

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