What Fruits & Vegetables Are In Season In Autumn?

Feb 25, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Autumn is the best time of the year to harvest and enjoy earthy fruits, veggies and herbs. It’s even better if you grow them yourself! Right here at Flora & Fauna, we have 50+ different seed varieties from The Little Veggie Patch Co. So, let’s take a look at what’s in season!

Autumn Fruit & Vegetables in AustraliaAutumn Fruit & Vegetables in Australia


Why Eat Seasonally?

Do you eat local produce that’s in season? Eating in-season produce means that you’re consuming fruits, veggies and herbs at the height of their freshness and flavour. In-season produce packs a nutritional punch because it’s typically grown, harvested and delivered in a shorter period of time.

Not only is it better for your health, it’s better for your wallet, too. In-season produce is generally in peak supply, so there’s no reason for growers to artificially extend the “season” of the produce in greenhouses. Buying local, in-season produce is also a fantastic way to support local growers and economy.  

Lastly, eating seasonally is a great way to add a variety of different vitamins and minerals to your meals throughout the year. Plus, it’s always fun to experiment with different produce.

Autumn Vegetables in AustraliaAutumn Vegetables in Australia

Photograph: Lis Rí Barlow / Flickr

Autumn Vegetables In Australia

Here in Australia, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to autumnal veggies! There are plenty of root veggies in season, which make fantastic bases for plenty of hearty dishes to warm you up in the chilly evenings. 

We have: Beans, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Chillies, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Onions, Pak Choy, Parsley, Peas, Pumpkins, Spinach, Spring Onion, and Tomatoes. Brussels Sprouts, Parsnips, Potatoes, Silverbeet, Sweet Potatoes, and Zucchini are also in season.

There are plenty of ways to jazz up these autumnal veggies. Try our delicious, creamy Pumpkin Soup With Coconut Bacon for example, or for something fresh and crunchy, you'll love this Vietnamese Rainbow Salad With Sesame Crusted Tofu

Autumn Fruits In AustraliaAutumn Fruits In Australia

Photograph: Alan Benson / SBS Australia

Autumn Fruits In Australia

Many fruits thrive in the cooler weather that we typically experience in March, April and May. In autumn, many of these fruits are leaning toward the end of their harvest season, so they’re ripe and ready to go! Autumnal fruits include Apples, Figs, Grapefruit, Grapes, Mandarins, Oranges, Pears, Pomegranates, Rhubarb, Strawberries and Watermelons

Aside from the obvious (enjoying fruit in its whole form), why not experiment with these fruits in sweet and savoury dishes! A delicious bed of leafy greens (kale, spinach or lettuce), a layer of sweet, roasted veggies (beetroot, carrot or pumpkin), a handful of chopped fruit (orange, apple, pear, or pomegranate), topped with walnuts and parsley. 

Another great option is to make homemade jam with rhubarb or figs to channel the deep, earthy flavours of autumn.

The Little Veggie Patch Co SeedsThe Little Veggie Patch Co Seeds

Grow Your Own Produce With The Little Veggie Patch Co!

Here at F&F, we stock 50+ heirloom seed varieties from The Little Veggie Patch Co, plus their fantastic Seed Kits. These Seed Kits provide you with all the tools and information you’ll need to grow your own produce. You can grow Leafy Greens or Culinary Herbs — or choose a specially-designed Seed Kit for Beginners, Apartment-Dwellers, or Kids. Super handy!

The Little Veggie Patch Co — Grow Food Anywhere, The New Guide to Small-Space Gardening will introduce you to the basics of growing food. It’s split into three distinct chapters: What Plants Need (Soil, Light and Water; Infrastructure; Planting and Harvesting styles), Fruit and Veg to Grow (more than 70 varieties of fruit and vegetable across Australia and New Zealand), and Pests and Diseases to Know (identifying them according to their appearance and damage they cause).

Autumn is such a lovely time of the year! We love enjoying hearty root veggies and earthy fruits in all sorts of sweet and savoury dishes. If you’re interested in growing your own produce, please take a look at our huge variety of seeds and Seed Kits from The Little Veggie Patch Co, right here at Flora & Fauna

Make sure to check out Urban Greens, too. Their DIY Grow Kits, Windowsill Grow Kits and Seed Balls are super popular!

For more creative ways to use these beautiful fruits and veggies, check out our Vegan Recipes category! Plus, if you’re new to gardening and growing your own produce, check out the blogs below for more tips and advice. 

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