F&F Seasonal Vegan Beauty Box Explained

Feb 25, 2022by Gabby - F&F

A customer experience close to our hearts is our F&F Seasonal Vegan Beauty Boxes!

Starting all the way back in 2015, we decided to create our vegan beauty boxes, to introduce you to products you might not have tried before that are also seasonally relevant. What we say next might intrigue you... what's inside is a total surprise!

As we enter our 8th year of our beauty boxes, we thought we would share why we started making beauty boxes, how it's going, what you can expect to receive and hear some customer reviews — read along!

Winter Beauty Box 2016Winter Beauty Box 2016

Seasonal Beauty Boxes | The Why

Shortly after launching F&F in 2014, we started making beauty boxes — January 2015 was our first. Julie, Founder of F&F, wanted to offer customers the ability to try things they might not otherwise buy. These boxes are a great way to discover new, high-quality and affordable products, products you may not have known existed, or were skeptical about.

So why seasonally? Asides from keeping you on your toes, we send seasonally for a couple of reasons. For one, we want to ensure we send you the best, seasonally relevant products. Secondly, we don't want to overload you with products. 

Importantly, we always make sure our boxes are amazing value! We focus on full size and deluxe products. This season — Autumn 2022 is valued at $123.75, and you can get it for just $34.95. How Amazing!

F&F Seasonal Vegan Beauty BoxF&F Seasonal Vegan Beauty Box

How It Started Vs. How It's Going

Our first-ever beauty box launched back in 2015. Back then we sold just 20 beauty boxes! Now whilst that doesn't sound like a lot, we were completely overwhelmed with the amount of positive responses we got. It was at that point, we knew, creating beauty boxes is something we never want to stop.

The most exciting part about our beauty boxes is that is gives you a sense of mystery — you never know what you're going to get until you open up the box and see what's inside.

To this day, 7 years and 28 seasons later... the thrill, surprise and anticipation continues! We can't believe how we went from selling 20 boxes to now — selling out, all in a matter of days! 

This season, get excited, open the box and lap up the luxury.

Four Seasons | Autumn, Winter, Spring, SummerFour Seasons | Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

The Four Seasons

Now that last year's season of beauty boxes are well and truly out, it's safe to let you know what was inside!

Autumn 2021 — Eye Pencil, Deodorant, Eco Oil, Facial Serum, Shave Bar, Retreatment Botanics Polish, The Jojoba Company, Moisturiser.

Winter 2021 — Eyeliner, Chai Lip Scrub, Hemp Jelly, Sinus Clear, Bandages, Chews, Lip Pencil, Calming Serum.

Spring 2021 — Toothpaste, Liquid Soap, Lipstick, Hydra-Max Serum, Glow Face Masque, Hair Scrunchie, Hemp Bar.

Summer 2021 — Sunscreen, Body Oil, Perfume, Toothbrush, Day Cream, Deodorant Paste.

Flora & Fauna Seasonal Beauty Box Customer ReviewsFlora & Fauna Seasonal Beauty Box Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

If you're yet to make up your mind about our beauty boxes, just take a look at some of the reviews:

"I LOVE THESE BOXES! When I was a kid, getting a lucky-dip was my favourite treat. I feel exactly the same way about this. It’s a grown up lucky-dip with a high level of confidence that everything in it is going to be great. I’ve found favourite products and brands through these boxes that have become re-purchase staples. Love these!" - Bella; 5 stars

"Trust Fave! I always love the beauty boxes. Such good value and amazing products to try." - Emily; 5 stars

"A Way I Show Love To Me... I purchase one  every season. I love the surprise. I buy them as gifts too." - Janelle; 5 stars

If you like the sounds of our Beauty Box, you can buy a one-off seasonal box or you can buy a pack for a year, as part of our Beauty Box Subscription option. This way you never have to miss out on all the wonderful products, as they sell out fast. Who wouldn't want to receive a beauty box four times a year and experience all seasons?


  • What is the F&F Beauty Box? Great valued box of beauty goodies that customers get the opportunity to try. 
  • What do the F&F Beauty Boxes include? It's a surprise! Each season is different to ensure both excitement and seasonally relevant products.
  • How often do you release Beauty Boxes?  Seasonally - the first day of each season (start of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer).
  • Do you offer F&F Beauty Box Subscriptions? Yes! You can save even more and be sure to not miss out on a box, as they sell out quick! 
  • Is there extra benefits for being a VIP Cutsomer?  Yes! As a VIP you will have access to the beauty box a day before everyone else, so no missing out. 
  • I have received the latest F&F Beauty Box but I don't like one of the products / I am not going to use it, what should I do?  We understand that all the products we select may not be suitable for everyone and we certainly do not want the products to go to waste and not being used! Try gifting to your friends, family or head to our F&F Facebook Family Page and reach out to our lovely like-minded Community! We are sure some of our other community members will want to try this product! 

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