What are Soapberries?

Aug 27, 2016by Julie - F&F

We love bringing new products to Flora & Fauna especially ones that are amazing alternatives to things we do everyday like washing our clothes while helping our waterways. So Soap Berries, or Soap Nuts as they are often called, have gone down very well.


Soap Nuts are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which grows in several different regions around the world, but are most prevalent in the Himalayas and ours are from Nepal and Pakistan. The shell of the fruit is collected, dried and packed for use. The shell is exceptionally high in 'saponin' which is nature's soap. This saponin content reduces the surface tension of the water so it will remove dirt and leave fabrics, soft and clean while not damaging our environment or waterways.

Really easy to use, reusable and compostable they are also a very economic way to wash your clothes. 


How To Use

Take 4-5 berries, pop them in the little canvas bag, and throw them in with your washing. You can reuse the berries 5 times then pop into the composter to head back to nature. Some people like to add essential oils or laundry tonic to the wash to add a beautiful scent to your laundry. 


Other uses

You can soak them overnight to make a soapy liquid which can be used for cleaning, washing hair, removing stains, hand soap and anything else you can think of. Some people soak the berries after they have been used a few times in washing so they squeeze the last bit of soap out of them. 

That Red House Soap Nuts are Certified Organic from Nepal and they support the ;Grow Nepal' initiative which creates a future for the Nepalese people, and encourages sustainable practices across the planet.  

The bags are available in trial sizes if you really want to be convinced, 100g, 250g, 500g bag and a 1kg bag. The trial bag lasts 5 washes, 100g bag 40+ washes, 250g bag lasts around 90+ washes so at least three months (depending on how often you wash) and the 500g bag lasts 180 washes. The 1kg bag will last you a very long time!

Learn more in our video and you can shop Soap Nuts here.  

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