The Power of Sleep

Sep 02, 2016by F&F

Drink enough water

We are largely made of water and without water there would be no life on earth. We need it to survive and it helps cleanse, detox, transport nutrients, bodily functions and more. Without it we're stressing our body so help your body and drink enough, at least 8 glasses a day and more if you are exercising.


Get enough sleep

My doctor told me recently that I need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Without it we can suffer chronic sickness. I’ve been averaging much less than that so she didn’t need to tell me twice. Since sleeping more I’ve felt great. And it’s free. I’ve pulled together my top picks to help you into the land of nod and make your sleep a little bit luxurious. It is, after all, our nightly spa treatment, we just don’t appreciate it enough. 


1. Soak Society Sleep Wellness Soak 

This relaxing calming wellness soak is full of lavender and chamomile to relax and oatmeal and white clay to moisturise. Use in the bath before bed, or if you don’t have a bath, as a foot bath. In a 250g size which is 5-6 baths or a 100g travel size which is 1-2 baths. 


2. La Mav Omega 3 Advanced Night Repair Creme 

La Mav’s Advanced Night Repair Creme is perfect to be used overnight. With Omega 3, Hyaluronic acid, Chlorella and more beautiful ingredients this treatment renews and nourishes as you sleep. Wake up refreshed with beautiful skin. 


3. The Physic Garden Sleep Balm

If you struggle to sleep, or want to add a bit of luxury to your bedtime routine, this is for you. This balm is designed by a Melbourne naturopath and works a treat. With lavender, lemon myrtle and chamomile this balm is to applied on pulse points and the back and chest at night time. In a full sizeand mini it’s off to the land of nod you go!

You can watch our You Tube video for more information.

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