Scrub up for Spring

Aug 24, 2016by F&F

The most important tip: Take time for you! 

Whether you love to run, walk the dog, read a book or meditate for ten minutes make sure you take 15 minutes a day for you. This is the most important tip along with getting enough sleep. At least 6 hours a day (we have to be realists here; 8 is preferable, but 6 will do as a minimum). 


Beauty starts on the inside

Great health and beauty starts on the inside. We believe if you are a kind, ethical, warm person you are already beautiful and that goes a long way. In addition here are a few of our favourites to include into your every day routine.

Drink water - yes that's the most important thing we can suggest. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day. We carry water in a reusable bottle so we always have cold water to hand. 

Heal Your Gut Powder - this naturopathic grade, organic Diatomaceous Earth will help cleanse your intestines so you can have a spring clean from the insides. Looking after your insides will really help your body functions and intestines. 

Grants Chlorophyll - full of vitamins and minerals and a perfect way to Greenergise yourself. Mix with water everyday or use in smoothies or soups. 

Cellfood - a great way to increase oxygen, vitamins and minerals in the body and get them straight to the cells. 

Matcha Maiden Tea - with 10 times the nutritional equivalent of standard green tea and 137 times the antioxidants have a cup a day. Your body will thank you!

Weleda Birch Juice - Birch is great for cleansing and this is good to incorporate into your daily routine to give yourself a cleanse. All Organic and as natural as can be. 

Scrub that bod!

Eco Tan's Body Scrub, or a beautiful coffee scrub, like Atom's. This will help improve your circulation and smooth your skin ready for those legs and arms to make an entrance. Remember to scrub towards the heart to help with lumps and bumps. 


Body Oil

All body oils are perfect to nourish but we have a couple which really help with lumps and Bumps. Weleda Birch OilEco Cellulite Oil and Eco Erase all help with cellulite and stretchmarks and nourish as they go.


Body Butters and Moisturisers

You want to go into Spring and Summer with the best moisturised skin possible and that includes heels and elbows. We have some wonderful moisturisers with a Coconut Body Lotion by Eco Tan, Body Lotions by Acure and Delicious Skin. Make sure you moisturise every day. 


Great skin care routine 

If you don't have a good skin care routine start now with a toner, serum and moisturiser. At night nourish and feed your skin with oils. Lovely nectars from La MavNight Serum from MuktiPassionate Skin Care Skin Food Serum and Argan Oil by Atom and Acure are some of the beautiful serums we have. 

That should see you well on your way to having a stunning Spring and Summer. 

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