Wear Now & Re-Sell Later To Keep Clothing Out Of Landfill — With AirRobe!

Jun 24, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Circular fashion start-up, AirRobe, is set to revolutionise fashion consumption with its online marketplace where users can buy, sell, rent, and recycle second-hand clothing. The new Australian start-up has an ambitious goal to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023!

AirRobe Graphic Textile WasteAirRobe Graphic Textile Waste

Image: AirRobe

Aussie Start-Up Set To Disrupt The Fashion Industry

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second-most polluting industry in the world? It's estimated that 85% of all textiles end up in landfill every year. Imagine a garbage truck full of clothes being emptied into the Sydney Harbour every second — that’s the amount of clothes that we dispose of. 

AirRobe wants to change this! The Australian start-up, founded by Hannon Comazzetto, is an online platform where users can buy pre-loved clothes, sell unwanted clothes, or rent clothes — in just one-click! For Earth Day, the circular fashion start-up pledged to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023. According to Founder and CEO of AirRobe, Hannon Comazzetto, “events like Earth Day encourage brands, retailers and consumers to stop, re-evaluate their relationship with our planet and action positive change”.

AirRobe Graphic Circular Fashion EconomyAirRobe Graphic Circular Fashion Economy

Image: AirRobe

Buy, Rent, Re-Sell — How Does AirRobe Work?

AirRobe is all about maintaining the value of a garment by keeping it in circulation and encouraging users to make conscious fashion choices. Let us demonstrate how the platform works:

  1. Shop As Usual. AirRobe is available through 100+ brands and retailers, and with just a few clicks, you can automatically add the item that you’ve purchased to your AirRobe account. 
  2. Activate Your Wardrobe. Complete the sign-up process to activate your account. On your account, you’ll be able to see your purchased items — which are automatically available to re-sell, rent or recycle once you’re done with them.
  3. Re-Purpose When You’re Ready. When you’re ready to let go of a pre-loved item of clothing, you can re-sell or rent the item for cash!
AirRobe Graphic Reasons To Shop Pre-LovedAirRobe Graphic Reasons To Shop Pre-Loved

Image: AirRobe

AirRobe Will Divert 1 Million Clothing Items From Landfill By 2023 

AirRobe wants to make it easy for us to extend the life of our purchases — not just for our pockets, but for the planet, too! By selling or wearing just one pre-owned clothing item, we can offset 19kg of CO2 emissions, 95 litres of water, and 2kg of textile waste. Incredible, right? Imagine if everybody did this!

Hannon Comazzetto said that AirRobe exists to help brands and consumers make conscious decisions when it comes to fashion. Speaking about the pledge to divert 1 million items of clothing from landfill by 2023, she said, “the success of our pledge will be measured against the number of items our consumers add to their circular wardrobe, allowing them to easily extend the life of their clothing through either renting, reselling or recycling through AirRobe”.

AirRobe Viktoria And Woods DesignerAirRobe Viktoria And Woods Designer

Image: AirRobe

AirRobe Is Making Headlines & Attracting Major Fashion Brands!

AirRobe has partnered with 100+ brands to reimagine the way we consume fashion. These include major names such as THE ICONIC, P.E Nation, Rebecca Vallance, Oroton, and Australian designer, Viktoria & Woods. 

“Sustainability has always been at the core of our business and my own personal life,” said Founder, Creative Director and General Manager of Viktoria & Woods, Margie Woods. “As a company, we are working towards an ambitious target of our own: to have a zero-waste operating model. Thanks to changemakers, like AirRobe, who are helping us reimagine the business of fashion,” Woods said. 

AirRobe is drawing major attention from the media and receiving lots of praise too! 

We love how this start-up is increasing the value of fashion already in circulation and revolutionising the way we think about pre-loved fashion. Considering the global challenges we’re facing with textile waste and pollution, we think AirRobe will be a key player in the new circular fashion economy. 

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