How To Help Treat Keratosis Pilaris

Jun 24, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Does you skin suffer from dry, rough patches and small acne-like bumps? If the answer is yes there's a good chance you have keratosis pilaris, but don't stress it's usually self-treatable!

In this blog, we will take you through everything you need to know about keratosis pilaris — what it is, the causes and of course some at home natural treatments to try. Read along!

What Is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris or more commonly know as 'chicken skin,' is a skin condition whereby rough, dry bumps form on the skin — typically found on either the back of the arms, upper thighs, cheeks or butt. 

The good news is, it's completely harmless — it's not painful or contagious, but it's common for people to feel insecure. Well let us tell you, you are not alone. In fact, 80% of adolescents and 40% of adults have had these bumps on their body at some point in their life. 

So what causes it? Keratosis pilaris occurs when the skin produces too much of a protein (called keratin), which can block hair follicles and cause bumps to develop.  

Eco Tools Dry Body BrushEco Tools Dry Body Brush

Treatment | Exfoliate

A light exfoliation, is exactly what your skin needs to help buff out a few bumps. Make sure to be super gentle when doing this and avoid rough scrubbing. 

Eco Tools Dry Body Brush gently exfoliates away dead skin cells for soft, smooth and glowing skin. Black Chicken Remedies Dry Body Brush especially, helps even out lumps and bumps, sweeping away flakes and dry patches. 

Body exfoliates we recommend are Butt Naked's Body Scrub, which helps combat acne and clear congested skin, but also helps soften the skin, and Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub. This gentle scrub is rich in vitamins, buffs away dead and dry skin, leaving it smooth. Did we mention all our Skincare products are natural? This ensures no toxic chemicals or drying ingredients are being put into your skin.

Weleda Vegan Skin Food Body ButterWeleda Vegan Skin Food Body Butter

Treatment | Moisturiser

Keeping your skin moisturised is a great way to help nourish your skin, soften the dryness and prevent blocked pores. Simply apply a Lotion or Cream to the affected bump area and make sure to do so regularly, to maintain moisture.

Some of our faves include Weleda Body Butter, which is great for dry skin, is super hydrating and smells absolutely amazing. We also highly recommend Eco Tan's Coconut Body Milk. The silky smooth blend relieves dehydrated skin and encourages smooth, healthy glowing skin, whilst the aloe and coconut fusion calms irritations. We also love Sukin's Coconut & Pineapple Body Lotion. Apart from it's gorgeous smell, you'll be happy to know it deeply hydrates and smoothes the skin. To ensure you are constantly nourishing your skin when on-the-go, Ethique's Solid Body Butter Stick will do the trick. 

Coconut OilCoconut Oil

Treatment | Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is such a powerful superfood and is currently being used in lots of different ways, one being the treatment of keratin piaris. 

Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness. In fact it's great for breaking keratin and avoiding the build up of those unwanted bumps on your skin. Simply rub it around the affected areas for added moisture and smoothness.

Vitus Magnesium CapsulesVitus Magnesium Capsules

Treatment | Diet & Supplements

A lot of health concerns can be attributed with diet and keratosis pilaris is no exception. 

Based off a few of our teams own personal experience and what worked for them, we recommend you try to avoid gluten and dairy products. Trial this for at least 2 weeks and see if there is any noticeable difference. It's also not uncommon for keratosis pilaris to be associated with certain deficiencies. If that's the case, check your blood levels and if you are low, some great supplements to help include: Magneisum, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Please seek a health care professional for further diet and supplement advice that's right for you. 

We hope these at-home natural remedies are exactly what your skin is looking for, to help treat those unwanted bumps. You can shop all Moisturisers and Exfoliates here!

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