Vegan Snacking Trends - A Delicious Revolution

Sep 28, 2023by Your F&F Team

Love vegan snacks? You are not alone...Vegan trends are becoming a favourite even among non-vegans, thanks to their health benefits and mouth-watering flavours. In this blog we will be sharing some of the key vegan snacking trends that are shaping the food industry. Read along!

Vegan Recipe Ideas

Plant-based protein powders

Protein packed snacks are raging. People are seeking satisfying snacks that provide an energy boost and keep them full. What’s setting brands apart, is their focus on accessibility. Brands that are innovating by incorporating ingredients like pea protein, quinoa, or nuts to create protein-rich options are starting to challenge standard protein brands.

So why might a non-vegan choose a plant-based protein powder over standard? Well, plant-based proteins can be lower in calories and fat making them a suitable choice for those with specific weight management or health goals. They are also a fantastic option for people with allergies.

Healthy Indulgence

We’re all guilty of wanting to indulge in some treats, and vegan snacks are making it easier for people to get their sweet fix in a healthier way. Health-conscious consumers are opting for vegan snacks, as we’re seeing healthier versions of the classic snacks being made. Think air-popped popcorn with nutritional yeast instead of buttery popcorn or raw, organic chocolate bars as a guilt-free alternative to traditional candy bars or banana chips. The list goes on.

DIY Snacking

Homemade vegan snacks are on the rise. More people are experimenting with creating their own plant-based treats, from protein balls and granola bars to kale chips and nut butters. Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are filled with DIY snack recipes, inspiring others to join in the fun.

Tasty Vegan Snacks

Transparency and Clean Labels

Consumers are scrutinizing labels more than ever. They want to know what's in their snacks and where ingredients come from. Brands that offer transparency and clean ingredient lists are gaining trust and loyalty.

Vegan snacks are evolving rapidly to meet the demands of a diverse consumer base. As more people embrace plant-based lifestyles and seek healthier, sustainable, and delicious snacking options, the industry will continue to innovate and expand, making vegan snacking a delicious and enduring trend. How exciting! What do you think of these trends?

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