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Mar 04, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Flora & Fauna is Australia's favourite online destination for delicious vegan Easter chocolate! Thanks to amazing brands like Pana, Treat Dreams, Loco Love, Loving Earth, So Free and Chow Cacao — we’re spoiled for choice when Easter rolls around. Take a look at our growing range of vegan chocolate Easter eggs, blocks, bars, gourmet bites, and kid-friendly goodies. 

Easter ChocolateEaster Chocolate

Vegan Easter Chocolate | Eggs

We all need Easter eggs at Easter, right? Well, these vegan options are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! One of our best-sellers, year after year, is the Loving Earth Boobok Chocolate Caramel Eggs — these cashew mylk chocolate eggs are filled with burnt toffee and butterscotch caramel. We also have Mini Mylk Chocolate Eggs from Loving Earth

We have some new kids on the block, too! Chow Cacao’s new vegan Easter eggs are certified organic, refined sugar free, and made with fair-trade cacao — available in Mylk Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Caramel flavours. We also have Bonvita Organic Chocolate Eggs, available in Hazelnut Praline, Mixed Chocolate, and Milky Chocolate with Sprinkles

If you prefer large, hollow chocolate eggs — try Pana's Salted Caramel, Mylk Chocolate or 70% Dark Easter Eggs.

Vegan ChocolateVegan Chocolate

Vegan Easter Chocolate | Blocks & Bars

Here at F&F, we have an incredible (and mind-blowing) variety of vegan chocolate bar flavours for you to enjoy over Easter. For yourself, or to gift, we highly recommend the Loving Earth Gift Trios! They're available in Mylk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Favourites (Dark, Creamy and Salted). 

We can’t talk about vegan chocolate without mentioning Pana Chocolate! Their blocks and bars are available in a massive variety of creative flavours, like Salted Caramel, Coconut Rough, Sour Cherry & Vanilla, Peanut Caramel, Macadamia & Mango, and Mint. Plus, they’re certified organic.

One of our newer brands at F&F, iChoc, have quickly become a favourite due to their small selection of delicious chocolate blocks — like White Vanilla, Super Nut, Nougat Crisp, and Choco Cookie.

Loco Love Vegan ChocolateLoco Love Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Easter Chocolate | Gourmet Bites

Loco Love creates the most gorgeous, gourmet vegan chocolate bites. Their range of individual chocolates (30g) and twin chocolates (60g) are best-sellers for a reason! Their packaging, flavours, and ingredients are absolutely spot-on!

The Loco Love Butter Caramel Pecan Chocolate (60g) is an absolute crowd-favourite, with its butterscotch vegan caramel, crunchy pecans, and cinnamon punch. The Loco Love Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate (30g) contains a delicious, chewy vegan caramel blended with crunchy peanut pieces and spiked with nourishing Tremella mushroom!

If you adore sour flavours, you’ll love the Loco Love Black Cherry & Raspberry Ganache Chocolate (30g). For something dark and antioxidant-rich, try out the Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme Chocolate (60g).

Treat Dreams Vegan ChocolateTreat Dreams Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Easter Chocolate | Kid-Friendly Goodies

Lastly, let us show you some adorable kid-friendly vegan goodies that we have at F&F! These gorgeous treats are perfect for kids with their fun designs and simple, delicious flavours — like the Bonvita Easter Choc Block with White Choc Bunny and Smarties, or the Plamil So Free Vegan Chocolate Bunny.

Do you know a kid who loves Caramello Koalas? Or, maybe you used to love them as a kid! The Treat Dreams Vegan Caramel Bear (2 Pack) are filled with rich, gooey caramel and covered in fair trade, European couverture dark chocolate. Yum! We also have the Treat Dreams Vegan Strawberry Bear (2 Pack), filled with gooey strawberry cream, the Treat Dreams Vegan Peppermint Bear (2 Pack), and the Treat Dreams Vegan Pineapple Bear (2 Pack) for something a little bit different!

We’re so excited for Easter, and we hope you are too! If you opt for dairy-free chocolate, there’s absolutely no reason to miss out at Easter. Our huge range of vegan chocolate caters for every dietary requirement, taste preference, and age range — so nobody has to miss out!

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