Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!

Jul 30, 2020by Olivia - F&F

The quiet achievers, the unsung heroes; these five products definitely deserve more attention in the zero-waste world!


Bread is a staple in most households, but we rarely consider the plastic that it’s packaged in. In most supermarkets, the bakery section is filled with delicious loaves of bread, bread rolls, pastries and other goods… but the downside is they’re all packaged in plastic. 

There must be a plastic-free solution, right? 

Bread bags are the ideal way to carry and store your bread — no plastic required! Bread bags are thick, durable, and freezer-safe — meaning that you can pick up your loaf of bread, fresh from the bakery, pop it in your bread bag, then put it right in the freezer. Many bakeries will allow you to purchase fresh bread without the plastic packaging; all you need to do is ask!

The Onya Reusable Bread Bags will keep your bread fresh for up to two days, but we recommend slicing it straight away and putting it in the freezer (to last for around 3 months). 

Wondering what people are saying about them?

“We love this bread bag so much we now own two! Large in size, easy to clean and keeps bread fresh for a lot longer than expected. Easy to use and great that it can go from bench to freezer. We also love that it is made from recycled bottles!” – Review by Carmel 

We also have the Bread Swag. It's 100% natural, reusable, machine-washable and free of harsh chemicals. The Bread Swag allows your bread or rolls to breathe, but it also stops them from drying out too quickly with its 3-layer system.

Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!



Do you own a Nespresso or NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee machine? Are you sick of buying expensive disposable pods?

In Australia, we use a staggering 6 million disposable coffee pods per day. Reusable coffee capsules are growing in popularity as an affordable, zero-waste alternative to pre-packaged coffee pods! 

Reusable coffee capsules are made from 100% stainless-steel and are designed to last a lifetime. Simply fill with your favourite coffee grounds, then tamp and seal to enjoy a barista-style cup of coffee at home. Remember to rinse after every use.

The SealPod Reusable Coffee Capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, and the WayCap Reusable Coffee Capsules are compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines.

Wondering what people are saying about them?

“Love love love this product [Sealpod Coffee Capsules], now I can use my own favourite coffee varieties. Biggest bonus is that I am not filling up our landfill with products that may never break down. Was so happy with them I purchased the 5 pack to have more ready when company calls. Seal Pod Sticker lids perfect for the capsules” – Review by Donna 

Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!



Are you looking to have a plastic-free period? Yes, it’s possible!

Australian women use approximately 500 million pads per year. But now, more women are turning to reusable pads as a way to cut back on disposable period products. 

The Hannahpad is a reusable, machine-washable, cost-effective alternative to disposable pads. There are so many pads to choose from for different times of the month or different stages of life — including Small, Medium, Overnight (Large), Ultra and Super Ultra.

These pads can be used alone, or in conjunction with tampons or menstrual cups. They can also be used throughout the month for spotting, light bladder leakage, and to catch any discharge. Find out more here!  

We recommend trying the Hannahpad Small Pad 2 Pack to start with. Then, you can add more pads to your collection as needed.

Wondering what people are saying about them?

“I love these, I've been using them for over a year and never had any issues with them, they're super absorbent too! I like that they have the little silicon dots for extra grip” – Review by AJ 

Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!



Have you heard of soapberries, or soap nuts?

Soap Nuts are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The shell of the fruit is exceptionally high in ‘saponin', which is nature's soap! The saponin content reduces the surface tension of the water, which removes dirt and grime to leave fabrics clean and soft — without damaging our environment or waterways.

That Red House Organic Soapberries are hypo-allergenic, grey water safe, septic safe and fully compostable. Soapberries are a multi-purpose product — they can be used as laundry detergent, shampoo, hand wash, household cleaner, body wash and more. 

To wash your clothes, simply take 4-5 soapberries and pop them in the canvas bag — and you’re done! The same bag can be reused for four more loads. Add essential oils or laundry tonic to make your clothes smell beautiful. When you’re finished with the bag of soapberries, put them in a composter. 

Soapberries are a natural, chemical-free alternative to harsh laundry detergents – and the best part? A 500g bag of soapberries will give you 500+ washes!

Wondering what people are saying about them?

Been using this product for nearly two years now. The soapberries do an amazing job at cleaning my clothes, all without harsh chemicals. Which is great for my skin as I always suffered from feeling itchy when my clothes used to be washed with normal powders” – Review by Ty 

Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!



When thinking of ‘reusable’ products, phone cases don’t usually come to mind. Yet, every year, we throw out approximately 1.5 billion plastic phone cases! It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to break down, so it’s better to make the smart choice and choose a compostable phone case.

The team at Pela have created the world’s first compostable phone case! In the right conditions, Pela Phone cases will fully compost in around 6+ months. 

These soft and sleek phone cases come in a wide range of sizes, colours and special edition styles — like the beautiful Coral Turtle Edition

Wondering what people are saying about them?

“I’ve used a few Pela cases for different phones and I wouldn't go back to any other brand now. I drop my phone regularly and haven't had any issues. I love that they're environmentally friendly, I put my old cases in my home compost” – Review by Ahlia 

Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!Top 5 Reusable Products You Need To Start Using!


Have you already used some of these products, or are you curious to give them a try?

Shop all Reuse & Reduce products here — and make a change to help our planet!

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