These Transparent Windows Look Like Normal Glass, But Generate Energy From Sunlight!

Oct 28, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

Imagine a world where street lights could be connected to trees, forests could become power plants, and rice fields could produce food and electricity for local populations… well, this is what the founder of a photosynthesis-powered lamp is saying could very well become our reality. Let’s check it out!

Glass WindowsGlass Windows

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What Are Transparent Solar Panels?

There is only one renewable energy source that could power the entire world, which is the sun! Most of this solar energy goes uncaptured, but what if every surface around us could harvest this untapped power? What if, every window doubled as a solar panel? Could you imagine the glass windows in your home being a producer of electricity for you?

Ubiquitous Energy is the first company to engineer transparent solar panels that convert invisible light into electricity, which makes all of this possible. It’s called UE Power, which harvests energy specifically from infrared and ultraviolet rays, while visible light passes through. UE Powers’ selective harvesting of sunlight makes it possible to generate electricity invisibly.

Glass FramesGlass Frames

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What Could This New Technology Do For The World?

These transparent solar panels look like clear glass and let light through like regular windows, so how do they harvest energy?! The transparent coating is made from light-absorbing dyes, sourced from nontoxic, earth-abundant materials, similar to the pigments in fabrics and paints. This allows Ubiquitous Energy to integrate power generation into windows and the surfaces of everyday objects without comprising the aesthetic or functionality.

The largest impact for UE power will come from installation of windows in residential homes and commercial buildings. For homes, transparent solar can turn traditional windows into smart devices that can drive sensors, windows mechanics, and security features. Residential solar windows can complement traditional solar, to provide additional clean energy to the home.

Glass Sky RiseGlass Sky Rise

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Solar Glass Is Superior To Solar Panels, Here’s Why:

Each year over 20 billion square feet of windows are installed worldwide, if these windows were producing solar energy, nearly 200 gigawatts of electricity would be generated without compromising aesthetics… that’s roughly the energy needed to power 200 million homes!

An advantage of solar glass is it takes up less space than traditional solar panels. In cities with limited space, installing traditional solar panels is difficult. Inversely, transparent solar panels can be fitted in cramped cities, helping buildings and cities meet net zero climate goals!

“You could turn nearly every surface of a building or landscape into a solar array and generate power right where you use it without even knowing that it’s there.” — Richard Lunt, solar glass engineer.

We are completely wowed by this new technology! These transparent solar windows are already being installed commercially. Which could mean that very soon homes, offices, and entire cities might be powered through this glass!

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