Australia Signs Global Nature Pledge To Reverse Biodiversity Loss By 2030!

Oct 28, 2022by Olivia Harper - F&F

The Australian Government has now signed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030, joining more than 90 countries to step up environmental protection efforts! 

Australian Landscape Pledge For NatureAustralian Landscape Pledge For Nature

Image: Mwangi Gathec / Unsplash

This Pledge Promises Action To Reduce Biodiversity Loss & Stop Human-Caused Species Extinctions!

A huge leap forward for Australia, the country has now signed a global pledge committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced Australia’s endorsement of the pledge as part of an event taking place on the sidelines of the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York.

With this endorsement, Australia has now joined leaders from more than 90 countries and the EU who have pledged to reverse nature loss this decade. We think this is a powerful acknowledgment of the importance of nature, and are thrilled to hear that Australia has stepped up alongside other countries in committing to protecting our unique environment!

Koala Pledge For NatureKoala Pledge For Nature

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Australia Comprises 10% Of The Earth’s Surface & Is Home To More Than 70% Of Its Species!

The Australian Prime Minister, said Australia’s approach to environmental challenges has changed and the government understands climate change and the global loss of biodiversity are dual crises.

He noted Australia’s crucial position as one of the very few megadiverse countries, that comprise 10% of the earth’s surface yet are home to more than 70% of the planet's species! “Working together we can better protect and conserve the world’s land, sea, waterways, and cultural heritage for future generations,” he said. “Now is the time to act.”

It’s encouraging to see that environmental protection is back as a prime matter for Australia. “The newly elected government promised Australians that the environment was back as a priority, and this commitment sends that signal to the world” — WWF.

Native Australian Plants Pledge For NatureNative Australian Plants Pledge For Nature

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The Race Is On To Secure A Nature-Positive World 

The signs of an unbalanced relationship with the natural world are impossible to miss: pandemics, record global temperatures, species at risk of extinction, etc. Fortunately, to change this course, countries that have endorsed the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature have committed to act in ten areas that will support sustainable development.

These include efforts to decrease deforestation, halt unsustainable fishing practices, put an end to illegal wildlife trafficking, abolish the dumping of plastic waste in oceans, and begin the transition to sustainable food production systems and a circular economy!

How can you get involved? Leaders’ Pledge for Nature encourages individuals to take nature-positive action and advocate for transformative efforts from their government, through platforms such as Voice for the Planet!

We are so excited to hear this news coming from the Australian government — how great is it to see that the country has joined a global effort to reverse biodiversity decline and secure a future that benefits both people and nature!

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