The Physic Garden Sleep Balm (50g)

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  • Natural Vegan Balm to Relax and Help you Sleep

  • Contains Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Lavender & Lemon Myrtle

  • Naturopathically Formulated

  • Free From Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins, Alcohol & Beeswax

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The Physic Garden Sleep Balm, a Natural Calming, Relaxing Balm for Bedtime

A great addition to you & your child's bedtime routine, The Physic Garden Sleep Balm has specially selected herbs for a deep, restful sleep. The sweet scents of Chamomile, Lavender & Lemon Balm help to soothe & ease anxiety. Lemon Myrtle helps to ground & makes you feel safe.

To apply, it can be massaged onto back & chest, and used on pulse points.

Completely natural ingredients, nothing nasty. Free from Bee Products, Gluten, Dairy, Nuts & Seeds.

For Ages 6 months & up. Under 6 months of age, Sleep Balm can be safely applied to the soles of the feet for a gentler effect.


  1. 100% Natural
  2. Free From Petroleum Jelly, Paraffins, Alcohol & Beeswax
  3. All Natural Ingredients
  4. Naturopathically Formulated
  5. Contains Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Lavender & Lemon Myrtle
  6. Handmade in Melbourne
  7. Vegan & Cruelty-Free (tested on humans, not animals)


The Physic Garden is a medicinal herb nursery which produces Natural Balms & Deodorants from healing herbs & nourishing oils. Nature has provided us with our very own medicine cabinet right in the garden so The Physic Garden have created a line of products which can help to incorporate healing herbs back into our everyday lives. 

The Physic Garden grow all their herbs organically and nurture them with a great deal of care. 

We love The Physic Garden because they, like us, believe business should be a force for positive change in the World. All their products are: Ethical, Sustainable, Vegan, Toxin-free, Fair-trade & tested on humans, never on animals. Their products are hand-made in Melbourne, Australia.




To apply, it can be massaged onto the back & chest, and used on pulse points.

Olive Oil infused with Lemon Balm* & Chamomile*, Shea Butter*, Candelilla wax, Essential oils (Lavender & Lemon Myrtle) (*Organic Ingredients)

Shea Butter - Organic & high in Vitamin E, it moisturises skin & glides on like butter.

Chamomile, Lemon Balm & Lavender - Herbs traditionally used for soothing & relaxing.

Lemon Myrtle - A native Australian herb which is used to ground & feel safe.

Beautiful scent

By: on 3 July 2019
Smells very nice and relaxing. It’s a very nice moisturizer as well

Physic Garden Sleep Balm

By: on 4 June 2019
This product has now become a part of my getting ready for bed ritual. Smells amazing and I can actually feel myself relaxing about 20 -30 minutes after applying. I have also used this product to help when I have a headache.

Sleep Balm for the win

By: on 23 April 2019
I bought this product for our 10yr old who was at the point of severe stress about not being able to get to sleep and stay asleep (after being a wonderful sleeper for the past 7yrs). I was only interested in natural remedies for this situation, as I felt it was something that she needed to learn how to overcome on her own terms. This product is now part of her nightly routine and she's even taken it on sleepovers and sung it praises far and wide. We love the subtle fragrance of the product.


By: on 10 March 2019
I love the Physic Garden Sleep Balm, it not only helps me relax to go to sleep but if I wake during the night i reapply and it aids in relaxing me to go back to sleep. I bought some for my mum and she loves it too!

Sleep Balm

By: on 9 March 2019
Love it.

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