The New Skypipe Ultrasonic Diffuser

Nov 19, 2017by Julie - F&F

Black Chicken Remedies have introduced a new essential oil diffuser, the Skypipe. This diffuser works a little differently to traditional oil diffusers, and vapourisers, that heat essential oils; it aims to charge the air and provide


How does it work?

The Skypipe™ Essential Oil Diffuser can quickly and safely charge the air around you with minute particles of potent essential oils in a cool mist. It works by creating small intense vibrations (2.5 million vibrations per second) in essential oils with a little water, releasing a superfine soft mist which gently humidifies the air and disperses the potent remedial properties of the oils. 

These particles are more easily absorbed by the lungs for a greater therapeutic effect on the body and since no heat is involved the active beneficial constituents of the essential oils are not compromised.

Skypipe™’s ceramic ultrasonic system gives you 3-7 hours of cool mist diffusion. As it's a fine mist it is very gentle on the eyes but reaches the lungs where it has greatest effect. 


Black Chicken Remedies New Essential Oils

Skypipe™ works with a whole range of Black Chicken Remedies essential oil blends to create the perfect atmosphere and give you the benefits you need. Black Chicken Remedies Essential Oils have been designed with purpose in mind whether that be relaxation, immunity, energy levels, stress, meditation or concentration.

  • Repel - Helps to deter mosquitoes and bugs
  • Respire - Soothes and clears the airways and strengthens the immune system
  • Serenity - Calms and balances the mind
  • Signature - Helps to reduce anxiety, calm, inspire and promote creativity
  • Slumber - Helps you relax and promote a deep sleep
  • Upbeat - Uplifts and promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing


Overall Benefits and Specs of the Skypipe™

  • Permeates room sizes 30 – 40 square metres
  • Empty / low water level sound indicator
  • Nightlight
  • Auto OFF when empty
  • BPA Free Material: Porcelain construction, PP, ABS
  • Dimension: 8.6(D) x 18 (H) cm
  • Water tank volume: 120ml
  • Vapour Output: 30mL per hour
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Power cord length: 180cm
  • Diffusing time: 3-7 hours
  • Power: 12V/ 100-240V
  • Light: 12W LED
  • Ultrasonic vibrations at 2.5 MHz


You can shop the Skypipe™ at Flora & Fauna and all the Black Chicken Remedies Essential Oils plus the whole essential oils range.  

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