THE PARKS Will Be Africa’s Largest Sustainable City!

Feb 24, 2023by Olivia Harper - F&F

‘THE PARKS’ city will be the world’s highest standard for sustainable living, providing a net zero lifestyle for 150,000 residents. The South Africa-based city will produce 100% of its energy, water & food on site to become a self-sufficient, zero-waste destination.

The Parks InteriorThe Parks Interior

Image: URB

Introducing The World’s Healthiest, Sustainable City  

Imagine living in an ecologically designed environment that promotes health, wellbeing, and diversity… ‘THE PARKS’ is precisely that and more! Dubai-based URB has just unveiled plans to create Africa’s largest sustainable city, which will be home to 150,000 people and will produce 100% of its own energy, water and food on-site to be a completely self-sufficient place to live.

THE PARKS is a 1,700 hectare smart city, planned for the eastern region of South Africa promoting a net-zero lifestyle. The development provides various mixed use hubs such as residential, medical, tourism, entertainment, retail & education, with 40,000 residential units to be distributed in 12 residential districts. Wow! The economy of the city will be automated & digital, with more than 40,000 jobs to be created in green tech.

The Parks OutdoorsThe Parks Outdoors

Image: URB

A Landscape Designed To Promote Social Sustainability & An Active Lifestyle

This eco-city will be car-free and zero carbon to promote an active lifestyle and social wellbeing. The landscape is also designed to be walkable and fully integrated with alternate modes of green transport!

Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, said: “THE PARKS is innovatively planned with the highest standards of sustainability to create a car-free community & a unique zero carbon destination. THE PARKS is designed from its landscape to provide the happiest & healthiest ecosystem.”

There will be outdoor fitness stations, community farms, outdoor sports fields and courts, dedicated jogging and cycling tracks, a public art forum that uses waste for materials and outdoor concerts to enjoy — what a wholesome lifestyle! Plus, they also aim to link the community together with electric buggies for better mobility accessibility.

The Parks CommunityThe Parks Community

Image: URB

Creating An Environment Where Residents Become Stewards Of The Community

Ecology guided the master planning for the development, with the landscape structured to capture, treat & reuse water whilst conserving as much of this precious resource. The layout of the city is focused on maximising health, wellness, and social interaction, to create an environment where residents become stewards of the community. Theoretically, the city of THE PARKS will cater to all income levels, with no segregation to enable an inclusive, diverse workforce and increase community cohesion. But it gets better!

The city will become the largest positive energy community in the world, providing a surplus of energy to neighboring communities. Local urban food production will also provide 100% of resident caloric intake. Even the cooking oil from restaurants will be recycled into Biodiesel for fuel in construction of future expansions!

We can’t wait to see how this project plays out. They truly have thought of everything to make this city as zero waste and self sufficient as possible! What do you think about THE PARKS? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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